How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 25 2008

'From ___ You' (Beatles song) METO
'Isn't ___ pity?' ITA
'This is terrible!' OHNO
'Yo te ___' AMO
100,000 BTU THERM
1953 Leslie Caron film LILI
4-F, in military classification UNFIT
Abandoned after falling into a swimming pool while drunk? LEFTHIGHANDWET
Administers OVERSEES
Alcohol used in antifreeze METHYL
Alpine echo YODEL
Bad thing to be taken for ARIDE
Bank holding LIEN
Beta beater VHS
Big Blue IBM
Butt heads SPAR
Caddy choices TEAS
Case in point EXAMPLE
Chair workers CANERS
Chevy classic IMPALA
Claim of innocence NOTME
Clock numeral III
Coquettish COY
Cover loosely DRAPE
Coward of note NOEL
Dear old guy DAD
Dentyne brand ICE
Dogpatch adjective LIL
Dr. of afternoon TV PHIL
Duffers' desires PARS
End of a threat ORELSE
Exam taken by many a Ph.D. candidate GRE
Exchange membership SEAT
Exercise system requiring harmony of yin and yang TAICHI
Explosive experiment ATEST
Feel right RINGTRUE
Filmmaker Riefenstahl LENI
First name in a famous 1857 decision DRED
Flamenco cries OLES
Frigg's husband ODIN
Fully toweled off? DRYBEHINDTHEEARS
Go under FAIL
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Going rate? CABFARE
Great catches KEEPERS
Greatest UTMOST
Green land EIRE
Guest in the poetry section EDGAR
Hall of Fame center fielder Joe DIMAGGIO
Hall of Fame center fielder Richie ASHBURN
Hall of Fame defensive end Marchetti GINO
Hangs out LOITERS
Having a valuable coat GILT
Hepcat's words of understanding IDIG
High point in the Bible? ARARAT
Impolite look STARE
In good shape SOUND
Investment for later yrs. IRA
It means little MICRO
Job detail, for short SPEC
Judicial inquest ASSIZE
Kate's 'The Lion in Winter' role ELEANOR
Life partner? LIMB
Like a gymnast SPRY
Like a refrigerated peach? COOLANDFUZZY
Like supermodels SEXY
Listens to the bears SELLS
Loathsome VILE
Low men at the opera BASSI
Lucy's best friend ETHEL
Makes law ENACTS
Milano of 'Charmed' ALYSSA
Miss Woodhouse of literature EMMA
Mocking remark JAPE
Momentous FATEFUL
Mourning of the NBA ALONZO
NASA's Eagle, for one LEM
Not fooled by ONTO
Not mounted, as a gem UNSET
Not suitable UNAPT
Obeisant bow SALAAM
OED entries WDS
Olympian Devers GAIL
On the sidelines INACTIVE
Orange-nosed Sesame Street resident ELMO
Part of a chorus line? TRA
Pastry used in spanakopita FILO
Paul Newman character who wore gloves? WARMHANDLUKE
Pension collector RETIREE
Pleasant poem IDYLL
Poet Van Duyn MONA
Prof.'s aides TAS
Profit splitters PARTNERS
Quintessence PITH
Racy rumors DIRT
Reaches out to HELPS
Really small ITSY
Rear adm.'s underlings COMS
Recess at Notre Dame APSE
School tool RULER
Sculptor Epstein JACOB
Seasoning in French onion soup SEL
Setting at 0 degrees long. GST
Side with FAVOR
Singer Jones NORAH
Society event BALL
Some MIT grads EES
Southern constellation ARA
Spy novelist Eric AMBLER
Still on the shelf UNSOLD
Suffering ILL
Surface film PATINA
Surgical probe STYLET
Switch extension EROO
Sword handles HILTS
Synthetic fiber brand ARNEL
Take-charge sort LEADER
Takes the wrong way PURLOINS
The old man's old man GRAMPS
The State Department on a nice day? CLEARBOTTOM
Three-time co-star of Tom Hanks MEGRYAN
Tickle AMUSE
Top Democrat in the Senate REID
Top story ATTIC
Typical start? PROTO
U.S. biomedical research agcy. NIH
Unfeminine MANNISH
Up-to-the-minute news LATEST
Vacation package inclusion MEALS
Van Gogh painting IRISES
When the sun is beating down the hardest? THEHOTLIGHTOFDAY
When to see Nick NITE
When you can't see forever? ONAFOGGYDAY
Why certain folks decide not to go south for the winter? SOMELIKEITCOLD
Wicked doings VICE
Words preceding 'Love,' 'War' and 'the Deal' in book titles ARTOF
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