How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 23 2015

'Baloney!' MYEYE
'Fanfare for the Common Man' composer COPLAND
'I can't ___ thing!' SEEA
'I smell ___!' ARAT
'I wish!' IFONLY
'Men in Trees' star ANNEHECHE
'Money ___ object' ISNO
'Tell ___' (1965 hit for the Zombies) HERNO
'This Gun for Hire' star LADD
100 nanojoules ERG
Alter, as a skirt HEMUP
Apprehensive LEERY
Arson aftermath ASHES
Attracted by DRAWNTO
Average of due and quattro TRE
Ball ORB
Bang-up AONE
Bark feature SAIL
Be a bother IMPOSE
Beats Electronics co-founder, familiarly DRE
Become uncontrollably angry BOILOVER
Bombastic talk GAS
Brought dishonor upon SHAMED
Cabinet dept. VIP SECY
Canadian Tire Centre player SENATOR
Carnival treats SNOCONES
Cashew family member SUMAC
Casino game FARO
Casino machine SLOT
Catania lies at its foot ETNA
Cave painting pigment OCHER
Cheer for capework OLE
Chronology segment ERA
Chum PAL
Cologne measure DRAM
Control REININ
Country singer Evans SARA
Court order ALLRISE
Crunchy pear BOSC
Cuff's kin SLAP
Deep divide GULF
Denial from de Gaulle NON
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls' KAT
Device that may have a Smart Cover IPAD
Diner dish HASH
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Fashion designer Anna SUI
Fawn or camel TAN
Fencer's grip HILT
Field of expertise AREA
Flying formation VEE
Follow ENSUE
Former Energy Department head Steven CHU
Fountain treats SODAS
Fournier of the Orlando Magic EVAN
Generous buy at the bar ROUND
Groundskeeper's place ESTATE
Guerrilla action RAID
H look-alike ETA
Hold forth ORATE
Houdini feat ESCAPE
Huskies' cousins AKITAS
Imperfection WART
Intimidate OVERAWE
It comes between Mike and Oscar NOVEMBER
Jai ___ ALAI
Katmandu's country NEPAL
Kind of kitchen EATIN
Lacking refinement CRASS
Letters found in briefs BVD
Like dragons and griffins MYTHICAL
Like nay voters OPPOSED
Looking up ROSY
Make slow progress PLOD
Make ___ (do some business) ASALE
Marryin' Sam married him ABNER
Mary Higgins Clark novel '___ in the Night' ACRY
Meadow coatings DEWS
Mexican Manx GATO
More off-color, as language SALTIER
Most Algerians ARABS
Mover's burden CARTON
Movie flop about a dwelling with layers of veneer? LAMINAHOUSE
Movie flop about a Guitar Hero knockoff? ROCKOFSEGA
Movie flop about a haddock's greeting? WHATSUPCOD
Movie flop about a sixty-foot delivery cart? THELONGESTDRAY
Movie flop about a water main break in lower Manhattan? THEFLOWOFWALLSTREET
Movie flop about a zippy submersible? DEEPSRACER
Movie flop about an opinionated Othello? AMOORWITHAVIEW
Movie flop about castoffs from giant bananas? THEBIGPEELS
Movie flop about pots and pots of honey? POOHDREAMS
Movie studio department WARDROBE
Narrow peninsula SPIT
Newspaper section ARTS
Odometer increment TENTH
Ornamental plant IVY
Outcast PARIAH
Outer space quality VASTNESS
Pendulum paths ARCS
Perpendicular extension ELL
Pickup artist MASHER
Plains tribe OSAGE
Preacher's imperative REPENT
Prepare for a fight EMBATTLE
Problem for an electrician SHORT
Prosperous period BOOM
Put out EMIT
Rapper Rick ROSS
React to a dropped pacifier, say BAWL
Ready for the plate DONE
Resembled a hot dog? PANTED
Resembling chlorine or fluorine HALOID
River of forgetfulness LETHE
Rudder spot REAR
Savannah grazers ELANDS
Sends as settlement REMITS
Some miles away AFAR
Some Oldsmobiles CIERAS
Tabula ___ RASA
Tinseltown terrier ASTA
Toast spread OLEO
Track down LOCATE
Tree with purple flowers PAPAW
Uninteresting DRY
Urban grocery store BODEGA
Valentino role SHEIK
Verb for you ARE
Vitally important KEY
Wanted poster abbr AKA
Washroom, casually LAV
Water, whirled EDDY
Wiped out TIRED
Without commitments FREE
Word said while putting one's hand down GIN
Work a trade show booth DEMO
Worth of the theater IRENE
Ziegfeld Follies costume designer ERTE
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