How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 23 2009

'...good witch ___ bad witch?' ORA
'A Retrieved Reformation' writer OHENRY
'Aw, I missed the boat...' TOOLATE
'Beat it, kid!' GOHOME
'But of course!' IGETIT
'Count me in!' IMFORIT
'Dig in!' EAT
'I love,' in Latin class AMO
'Never send ___...' ABOY
'Venerable' theologian BEDE
'Very nice!' SOCOOL
2006 Michael Connelly crime novel ECHOPARK
Acid found in vegetables FOLIC
Aircraft designer Sikorsky IGOR
Al Capp creature SHMOO
Amiens attraction CATHEDRAL
Angled annexes ELLS
Antithesis of humility EGOTISM
Apt. coolers ACS
Architect CREATOR
Arms control subj. NTESTS
At no cost GRATIS
At the drop of ___ AHAT
Atlas, for one ROCKET
Baja bear OSO
Being, to Brutus ESSE
Belabor HARPON
Below-the-knee fashion GAUCHOPANTS
Berger of 'Major Dundee' SENTA
Big Met supporter NEA
Blackmailer's video SEXTAPE
Blount in the NFL Hall of Fame MEL
Boxcar rider HOBO
Brief life story BIOG
Broadway's 'Les ___' MIZ
Bugs' cousins WIRETAPS
Butler's love OHARA
Canary's cousin SERIN
Charter publication? MAP
Claptrap ROT
Cocktail hour nibble CANAPE
Comeback RIPOSTE
Conducive to peace IRENIC
Corner TREE
Country star Yearwood TRISHA
Crib call MAMA
Crowd cry RAH
Crusader's foe SARACEN
Cuatro doubled OCHO
Cut glass PANE
Dead giveaway? ESTATE
Diminish LESSEN
Doctoral hurdles ORALS
Droopy LIMP
Duck, say REACT
Empathize with RELATETO
ER lifesaver CPR
Exaltation in rhyme ODE
Feature of some trousers PLEAT
Feet, informally DOGS
Femme fatale MANTRAP
First car, often TOY
Fleece CON
Form intro UNI
Formerly known as NEE
Formerly, formerly ERST
Freud contemporary Alfred ADLER
Frodo's burden, with 'the' ONERING
General store on 'The Waltons' IKES
Gibbs of 'The Jeffersons' MARLA
Google offering SEARCHOPTIONS
Grilled sandwich PANINI
Guernsey greeting MOO
Gymnastics coach Karolyi BELA
Hardly friendly ALOOF
Hasty RASH
He ran a Mickey Mouse operation EISNER
Helga's hubby, in the comics HAGAR
Hindu title BABU
Home arena of the N.Y. Knicks MSG
Honkers SNOOTS
Horace's ' ___ Poetica' ARS
Hotel amenity SPA
In a nasty way SNIDELY
It's Ital. name is Mongibello MTETNA
Lacking SHY
Large orders of cheesy snacks NACHOPLATTERS
Lift one's spirits? TOPE
Like Berg's 'Wozzeck' ATONAL
Like Copernicus POLISH
Literary squire SANCHOPANZA
Lost money TOOKAHIT
Lummox CLOD
Man carrying a purse? SNATCHER
Manhattan Project setting LOSALAMOS
Medicinal herb SENNA
Mistreating MEANTO
Most AARP members SRS
Mother of Ares HERA
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations setting ANKARA
Network formerly known as PAX TV ION
Nuevo ___ (Peru's currency) SOL
Nurses, say SIPS
Online service with a butterfly logo MSN
Overflow TEEM
Pear type BOSC
Petunia part SEPAL
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Pong producer ATARI
Positional number ORDINAL
Pre-fax messages TELEXES
Proud guys PAPAS
Pub perches STOOLS
Pub purchase ALES
Rabbit's feet PAWS
Residents of some farms ANTS
Revivalists NEOS
Roberto Durán's plea NOMAS
Runway models? PLANES
Screen makeup MESH
Showy perennial DAYLILY
Spanish snack TAPA
Spirit ELAN
Strong and proud LEONINE
Super Bowl starter ANTHEM
Tacit approval NOD
They're nuts KOLAS
This puzzle's theme (quick!) CHOPCHOP
Toastmaster's first words SPEECHOPENER
Use a keyhole PEERIN
Wind and water, e.g. ERODERS
Woolly beasts ALPACAS
Works by Jean-Philippe Rameau FRENCHOPERAS
___-Magnon man CRO
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