How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 19 2019

'Ain't ___ Fun' wegot
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker yente
'Outstanding!' super
'The Black Pearl' of sports pele
'The Girl Who Played with Fire' author Larsson stieg
'The Matrix' protagonist neo
'The Power to Surprise' brand kia
'Tonight Show' host from 1957 to 1962 paar
'___ Ask You' (O'Neill play) nowi
'___ Land' lala
26,951.81, for the Dow peak
A pop per
Abound teem
Adjust, as a pillow's stuffing plump
Aid for a minor drinker fakeid
Alfredo, for one sauce
Ancestry records? genemaps
Arc on a musical score slur
Artistic taste virtu
Autocrat of old tsar
Barack's 2010 appointment elena
Bask in savor
Become unclear fogup
Big dos fros
Bookmarks, e.g urls
Boot bottom sole
Calligraphy pen insert nib
Canoe mishap tip
Car radio choices amfm
Chain letters? mtns
Charlie Brown utterance rats
Check in an env., e.g encl
City mentioned in 'That's Amore' napoli
Clayton Kershaw's pride arm
Close-to-release version beta
Component of the eighth plague of Egypt locust
Court woo
Credit card offer abbr apr
Distort skew
Donahue devours Sutcliffe's cooking! stusstewsfillphil
Donald's portrayer in 'SNL' skits alec
Duke's lodgings? dorms
Effervescent-voiced songbird wren
Explosive letters tnt
Fentanyl, e.g opiate
Food preservative acid sorbic
Foot for Frost iamb
Ford Fusion, e.g hybrid
French door division pane
Fuming feeling ire
Give lip to sass
Grey, for one earl
Hairy clump tuft
Harass persistently hound
Henning declared Disney's dance a winner! dougdugwaltswaltz
Hit for Barbra Streisand people
Hooch spirits
If everything goes as badly as possible atworst
Jazz and blues singer James etta
Jazz combo staples saxes
Jet stream heading east
Last letter zee
Letter-shaped skirt aline
Like a company's gym, often onsite
Like Dragon's Breath peppers hot
Loads alot
Maim or mar harm
Maker of Tundra and Hopper coolers yeti
Makeup bit dab
Many a FedEx plane dcten
Medicated dosed
Mentoplasty target chin
Midler and Langella embroiled in currency gambit! bettebetfranksfrancs
Mount in Greece ossa
Multitude of eras aeon
Muse of lyric poetry erato
Mustang halter brake
Nonspecific amount some
Not the sharpest tool in the shed obtuse
Obliquely driven, as nails toed
Of the flock laic
Off the hook exempt
Office address abbr ste
On the edge of one's seat agog
One might be stolen while a crowd watches scene
Option for a H.S. dropout ged
Pearce's act didn't fool Foxx! reddreadguysguise
Peppery salad ingredient arugula
Perfume ingredients essences
Persistent pesterer noodge
Phone bill additions fees
Place for model citizens? runway
Preserved, as pork salted
Prison exercise area yard
Pro Football Hall of Famer Lynn swann
Pumped up hyped
Puzzle enigma
Rains attacked by Dennings's pets! katscatsclawedclaude
Refinery residue slag
Related akin
Return payment tax
Riding mower's trail swath
Rival of 102-Down vogue
Rival of 59-Across elle
Riyadh resident saudi
Salon acquisitions tans
Sandbox toy shovel
Sardonic wry
Shoppers may sniff them melons
Signs, informally inks
SIMPLE investments iras
Singer-songwriter Phair liz
Siphon suck
Skating category pairs
Spanish sector barrio
Spring cleaning event, perhaps tagsale
Stadium level tier
Storm preceder, idiomatically calm
Stuffable breads pitas
Support financially endow
Swift's outfitters give Cage a scar! taylorstailorsnicknic
Teeny-tiny itsy
Tennis zinger ace
Texas Crispers! brand oreida
They may be put on houses liens
Tillerson and Carson in major smashup! rexwrecksbensbenz
Top of the world pole
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer lin
Wader with an S-shaped neck egret
Watch tend
Web page basis html
When doubled, an old sitcom sign-off nanu
Where the Ganges flows india
Wine grape pinot
Word following key or watch fob
World-class elite
Yell at a ring ole
___ first-name basis ona
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