How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 14 2019

'Burnt' Crayola color sienna
'It's all good,' or a hint to the starred answers everythingsok
'My Life Would Suck Without You' singer Clarkson kelly
'My word!' gee
*1970s gymnast nicknamed 'the sparrow from Minsk' olgakorbut
*Apple analogs to PCs' Alts optionkeys
*Gridiron gambit onsidekick
*Period of Egypt's history known as the 'Age of the Pyramids' oldkingdom
Afresh, in Latin abinitio
Backbone bone vertebra
Baseball's Brock lou
Bridge designer engineer
British sailor, slangily limey
Bro homie
Business letter opening inre
By its very nature perse
By way of via
California congresswoman Waters maxine
California-based sneaker company lagear
Colorful aquarium fish tetra
Compass needle indication north
Cooled before sipping blewon
Country singer Judd naomi
Cover completely enrobe
Diamond dink bunt
Easter findable egg
First three community cards in Texas hold 'em theflop
Fleet of warships armada
Gen-___ (1970s kid) xer
Grand Coulee, for one dam
Hannah of 'Splash' daryl
Kept in check, as enthusiasm curbed
Kilt feature plaid
Largest one-digit square nine
Lens cover, of a sort eyelid
Lyft competitor uber
Make a mistake err
Make certain ensure
McKellen of 'X-Men' ian
Midterm or final test
Names or nicknames monikers
Narc's org dea
Neighbor of Homer and Marge ned
New York theater award obie
Peeper's aperture spyhole
Piercing tool awl
Place for a family photo wallet
Pres. on a dime fdr
Professor's protection tenure
Punctuation mark longer than a hyphen emdash
Reached base feet first slid
Restaurant kitchen worker linecook
Retort to 'Am not!' aretoo
Reverent wonder awe
Rob burgle
Sanctioning assn. for pro pugilists wbo
Sandwich layer lettuce
Secure get
See 58-Down pond
Shake shop offering malt
Skin care brand olay
Sky box? kite
Small songbird wren
Some 39-Down wins kos
Spewing lava erupting
Subcompacts from Kia rios
Summer shirt tee
Take a pup from the pound, say adopt
They're picked by the picky nits
Thickening agent agar
Unspoken feeling vibe
With 53-Down, decorative garden feature koi
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