How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 14 2017

'Draft Dodger Rag' singer Phil OCHS
'Frozen' prince HANS
'Inception' director Christopher NOLAN
'My word!' GOSH
'Today' rival, familiarly GMA
'You know you want to!' CMON
'You want a war? You got a war!' ITSON
'___ luego' HASTA
AAA offering MAP
Admits, as guilt COPSTO
Anna Pavlova or Margot Fonteyn, once? BELLEOFTHEBALLET
Appearance ASPECT
Approx. number EST
Astronaut's seat? ROCKETINGCHAIR
Auburn's kin RUST
Bar assn. members ATTS
Bee Taylor's great-nephew OPIE
Ben's successor at the Fed JANET
Biblical prophet of doom HOSEA
Big name in label makers DYMO
Blacken CHAR
Blacken SEAR
Bomb at the box office TANK
Bone up CRAM
Bordeaux buddy AMI
Breezing through ACING
Broadcaster in more than 40 languages: Abbr VOA
Broke new ground? HOED
Brown weasel STOAT
Business partner, often SON
Carries out EXECUTES
Celtic language ERSE
Chilling EERIE
Close attachment formed during an official trip? JUNKETBOND
Cocoon occupiers PUPAE
Comics shriek EEK
Conventioneer with pointy ears, say TREKKIE
Cookie source WEBSITE
Country, to Caligula PATRIA
Coup d'___ ETAT
David Tennant or Peter Capaldi SCOT
Dearest pal BESTIE
Declare under oath ATTEST
Denny's rival IHOP
Draftee's denial NOSIR
Element above lead in the periodic table TIN
Empty NULL
Facility KNACK
Fishing trap EELPOT
Flat formation MESA
Florentine banking house MEDICI
Former Toyota model SUPRA
Founder of the first U.S. Shaker colony ANNLEE
Friendly understanding ENTENTE
Get gushy EMOTE
Go downhill fast SCHUSS
Gusto ELAN
Harper's Bazaar illustrator ERTE
Having a predisposition for GIVENTO
Historian's study ERA
Hog the mirror PREEN
Icelandic literature EDDA
Ill-fated TRAGIC
Image on the Uruguayan flag SUN
Improvise vocally SCAT
Increased UPPED
Inner ears COBS
Keep adding more to, as assignments PILEON
Knot of hair HANK
Letter resembling the symbol for Neptune PSI
Libertines ROUES
Like a riverbed SILTY
Like some enclosed envelopes PREPAID
Like the Beatles FAB
Like the columns of the Jefferson Memorial IONIC
Like wind and water EROSIVE
Lunch lady locale CAFETERIA
Mame and Em AUNTIES
Manning on the field ELI
Marilyn of the 5th Dimension MCCOO
Minute quantity IOTA
Monopoly token replaced with a cat in 2013 IRON
Mutt's microchip, e.g IMPLANT
Neighbor of Twelve Oaks TARA
Nephew of Cain ENOS
Nonverbal okay NOD
Notre Dame's Parseghian ARA
Org. with many schedules IRS
Overturn UPEND
Partner's share, often HALF
Plagues BESETS
Play for time STALL
Play group LEAGUE
Pleistocene period ICEAGE
Pluto's downgrade in 2006 and the like? CHANGEOFPLANETS
Poorest nation in the Americas HAITI
Pro's downtime OFFSEASON
Pussy foot FOREPAW
Refrain bit TRA
Relevant APT
Resembling ALA
Result of a leaky pen, perhaps? POCKETMARK
Runner's goal HOME
Satisfied sound AAH
Secret rival ARRID
Secretive org NSA
Shapiro of NPR ARI
She-bear, in Spain OSA
Shipping boxes: Abbr CTNS
Sidelines salutation HIMOM
Sidelines setting ARENA
Sign up ENROLL
Skiing turn TELEMARK
Small bank, often BRANCH
Soft palate part UVULA
Some Jags XKES
Soul mate? HEART
Sous-chef's spot in a seafood restaurant? FILLETINGSTATION
Spa attire ROBE
Spending limits CAPS
Stephanie Beatriz's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' role ROSA
Sternward AFT
Tabloid topic UFO
Time to put all your eggs in one basket? EASTER
To your right, when facing Nord OST
Treebeard's kin ENTS
Tropicana Field team RAYS
Turn on, as a machine ACTUATE
Turn sharply VEER
Twistable treat OREO
Vacation souvenir TSHIRT
Vacation souvenirs TANS
Vicinity AREA
Watches the kids SITS
Well-to-do wasp? HORNETOFPLENTY
Where many firings take place KILNS
Wickerwork twigs OSIERS
Wood of the Stones RON
You might trip on it ACID
Young turkeys POULTS
___ Sketch (classic drawing toy) ETCHA
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