How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 14 2011

'Hey, over here!' PSST
'Law & Order' spinoff, familiarly SVU
'MMMBop' band HANSON
'That's ___!' (parental admonition) ANONO
'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' author SHIRER
'What he said' DITTO
'Why don't we!' LETS
'___ guys like you for breakfast!' IEAT
100,000 BTU THERM
A little more than a quarter of a cord STERE
Advice from some about pat-downs? JUSTSAYNO
African ear of corn MEALIE
Aim rival GLEEM
Amana competitor TAPPAN
Ambient music pioneer Brian ENO
Attach, as a button SEWON
Attorney General Holder ERIC
Balk at, as a pat-down? RESIST
Barbecue bit RIB
Barista's brew JOE
Beat by a whisker NIP
Bench presser's pride PECS
Big moneymaker in Pa. USMINT
Blows up, informally TNTS
Bridge need DECK
Bridge pad TALLY
Cargo unit TON
Cassio's jealous lover BIANCA
Chain that filed for Chapter 11 in December 2010 AANDP
Conviction BELIEF
Culkin and Calhoun RORYS
Culmination END
D-Day troop carrier LST
Dawn direction EAST
Dominant ALPHA
Downsize PARE
Duchamp's 'Fountain,' e.g. ANTIART
Exactly what the agent patted? CANTSAYFORSURE
Excitedly active ABOIL
Eyelashes CILIA
Feature of a May-December romance AGEGAP
Fed head Bernanke BEN
Film set workers GRIPS
Flat clouds STRATI
Freebies with soup SALTINES
Give some gas REV
Go from green to red, say RIPEN
Guitar part NECK
He loved Lucy DESI
Help with the dishes DRY
How Coolidge spoke TERSELY
How some stocks are sold ATPAR
Huskies' home UCONN
Ill-fated shepherd ABEL
In a faint manner PALELY
Indistinguishable SAME
Jargon ending ESE
Korea-China border river YALU
Legend and Integra ACURAS
Like almanacs ANNUAL
Listen for tinsel, e.g.: Abbr. ANAG
Lose on purpose THROW
Make tempura FRY
Maker of Celebrex and Viagra PFIZER
Makeshift screwdriver DIME
Member of a certain college ELECTOR
Minor setback HICCUP
Mocking expression SNEER
Muscle protein MYOSIN
Muscular firmness TONE
Museum piece RELIC
Necessitated MEANT
Not quite rhyming ASSONANT
Old treatment for nervous disorders RESTCURE
Olympics speeder LUGE
One from Berlin EIN
Opera star Cecilia BARTOLI
Optical illusion illustrator ESCHER
Ornamental festoons SWAGS
Owns HAS
Parental warning DONT
Partner MATE
Place for the Boss's band ESTREET
Principal TOP
Produit de Michelin PNEU
Pungent gas OZONE
Rank below marquess EARL
Roman ___ (thinly disguised fiction) ACLEF
Roofed colonnade STOA
Rose's love ABIE
Rubs out ERASES
S&L offerings IRAS
Santa ___ ANA
Sarandon's role in 'Dead Man Walking' PREJEAN
Sent with a click EMAILED
Sentence structure? PRISON
Sicilan capital PALERMO
Skedaddles, in Dogpatch GITS
Slalom curves ESSES
Slangy turnarounds UIES
Soaks, say BATHES
Some doctoral exams ORALS
Spiral seashell TRITON
Spock trademark LOGIC
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Starts the bidding OPENS
Stick ___ in the water ATOE
Subject with a lot of problems MATH
Sugarloaf setting RIO
Supreme leader? ROSS
Sydney's state: Abbr. NSW
Thesaurus wds. SYNS
They captured Captain Picard BORG
They mind your own business YENTAS
Times to remember ERAS
Tribal trademarks TOTEMS
Under control INHAND
Univ. or acad. SCH
Was out of line ACTEDUP
Watchdog's sound GNAR
What the agent asked herself during the pat-down? THATSALLTHEREIS
What the agent does before patting down filthy travelers? WAITSABIT
What the agent found during the pat-down? FLOTSAMANDJETSAM
What the agent said during the pat-down? ITSALLABOUTLOVE
What the agent said when Megan Fox showed up? ITSAMIRACLE
What the agent thought about what he patted? ITSANYBODYSGUESS
What the female agent whispered during the pat-down? TENCENTSADANCE
Where Ephesus was IONIA
Whom the agents work for (and a chunk of each theme answer) TSA
Wide body SEA
Winter weather, in Edinburgh SNA
Wok veggie SNOWPEA
Words after two or hole INONE
You can part with it COMB
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