How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 14 2005

'...I'd rather see than ___' BEONE
'Forget it!' NOHOW
'Oh, sure!' IBET
'The Swiss Family Robinson' author WYSS
'Un Ballo in Maschera' aria ERITU
'___ favor, señor!' POR
1929's Flying Cloud, for one REO
1960s pitcher Blue Moon ODOM
1994 Denis Leary comedy THEREF
Advice INPUT
Antecedent PRIOR
Aphrodite's domain LOVE
Assay materials ORES
Astronaut's protection GSUIT
Available sans Rx OTC
Banana republic head DESPOT
Bay sound NEIGH
Bonding candidate ION
Book genre SCIFI
Bull on glue bottles ELMER
Capital before Brasilia RIO
Certainly not locked AJAR
Clan cloth TARTAN
Class action grp.? PTA
Clinic group DOCS
Cole Porter's 'Well, Did You ___?' EVAH
Colorful diaphragm IRIS
Common cold cure? HEAT
Cool, in old slang HEP
Covers bald spots SODS
Cruel fellow OGRE
Dark purple color PUCE
Designer for Nancy Reagan ADOLFO
Deteriorate ROT
Digs in twigs NEST
Do a lawn job AERATE
Do business like a ghostwriter? SUPPLYLINES
Do business like a New York senator's accountant? BILLCLINTON
Do business like a St. Louis team owner? DEALTHECARDS
Do business like a supplier to an awards panel? CHARGETHEJURY
Do business like a tavern supplier? HANDLEBARS
Do business like a telephone company? CLEARASABELL
Do business like a Velcro rival? PUSHBUTTONS
Do business like an agent for iron pumpers? SHOPLIFTERS
Do business like an old German banker? TRADEMARKS
Do business like an orthopedist? SERVICEBREAKS
Dodge truck DAKOTA
Field work SOWING
Fit for sainthood HOLY
Flora and fauna BIOTA
Franchise group CHAIN
Gaucho's throw BOLA
Get routed LOSE
Groom's charge HORSE
Half of a zygote OVUM
Have trouble deciding VACILLATE
Head light? IDEA
Henry Ford's son EDSEL
Hero of Castile ELCID
Historic periods ERAS
Hydroxyl compound ENOL
Invite to one's penthouse, e.g. ASKUP
Iodine source KELP
IQ test pioneer BINET
It's a blast SALVO
It's a blast ICYWIND
J. Alfred Prufrock's creator TSELIOT
Jackie's predecessor MAMIE
Jazz spot UTAH
Join the competition VIE
Kin of 'wham!' KAPOW
Knight wear MAIL
Leaves for the diner TEA
Life time AGE
Lights up? STARS
Like three out of five people ASIAN
Loser to Obama in 2004 KEYES
Mary, Queen of Scots, for one STUART
Millennium divs. CENS
Motorcyclist's invitation HOPON
Needle holder? PINE
Nicaragua's Daniel ORTEGA
Nitpicker's cry GOTCHA
No-win situation? TIE
Not one to take home to meet the folks BIMBO
Out ___ (precariously placed) ONALIMB
Overdo the praise GUSH
Panache STYLE
Paratrooper's need CHUTE
PC key ESC
Persecute OPPRESS
Phantom home? HANGAR
Preschoolers? ROE
Problematic for hospital admissions UNINSURED
Professor Higgins, to Eliza ENRY
Protest bitterly INVEIGH
Ref. work ENCYC
Rembrandt rival AIM
Research search DATA
Robert Mondavi setting NAPA
Ruling roosts THRONES
Salon offering TAN
Same old, same old USUAL
Scrimshaw surface TUSK
Self-satisfied SMUG
Shower affection DOTE
Sinbad's carrier ROC
Slang expert Partridge ERIC
Sole pattern TREAD
Sparring ATIT
Spy plane acronym AWACS
Square figure NERD
Stomach STAND
Storm RAGE
Strength MIGHT
Swimmer's count LAPS
T-shirt feature TAG
T.G.I.F. part ITS
Tape renter's penalty LATEFEE
The merchant of Venice ANTONIO
Tightens ski boots RELACES
Transfers ASSIGNS
Turn out to be ENDUP
Unduly TOO
Varnish source SUMAC
Was humbled ATEDIRT
Watchdog, maybe SNARLER
Where to find Santa UPNORTH
With a sultry atmosphere HUMIDLY
WWI German count SPEE
___ Lanka SRI
___ Locka, Florida OPA
___ the finish INAT
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