How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 06 2012

'30 Rock' star FEY
'Big Ben is a clock,' e,g FALLACY
'Charlotte's Web' pig no longer confined to a pen? FREEWILBUR
'Dragonwyck' writer Seton ANYA
'Evil Woman' group ELO
'That's a lie!' NOTSO
'The Highwayman' poet NOYES
'Virgin of the Rocks' painter LEONARDO
'Yeah, right' IBET
'You got that right!' IAGREE
'___ darn tootin'!' YER
1944 play set in the afterlife NOEXIT
Adversary FOE
Agnes, to Cecil B NIECE
Apropos ASTO
Assembled MASSED
Back and forth, e.g ANTONYMS
Ball-bearing item TEE
Bank offering LOAN
Barrel material ELM
Baseball's Hodges GIL
Bath product since 1961 MRBUBBLE
Belgrade setting SERBIA
Betraying to Mom TELLINGON
Bi-, quadrupled OCTO
Boca ___ RATON
Bonsai trees cut down for wood? TINYTIMBER
Bother over trivialities ADO
Broken TAMED
Bruiser APE
Burgundy and ruby DEEPREDS
Burnable bog product PEAT
Busy mo. for florists FEB
Butler's underlings FOOTMEN
Canniness ART
Capt.'s aide ENS
Cassocks' cousins TUNICS
Chilly comment added phonetically to phrases in this puzzle BRR
Chisholm Trail stop ENID
Church work by a woman who's not ordained? LAYLADYLABOR
Claude's co-star in 'Mr. Skeffington' BETTE
Cold and damp RAW
Cop's disappointed cry on reading a breathalyzer? SAYITAINTSOBER
Cotton alternative RAYON
Creature feature feature EFFECTS
Cushy EASY
Discharge EMIT
Do some research READ
Does an usher's job SEESIN
Earth mover TREMOR
Enthusiast NUT
Euro's forerunner ECU
Fan fiction based on 'Cimarron' and 'Show Boat'? FAUXFERBER
First Arabic letter ALIF
Flo and Alice's boss MEL
Food stamp? USDA
For ___ (not pro bono) AFEE
Frequent follower of Nick ASTA
Gallant HEROIC
Genre often featuring big eyes ANIME
Georgia, once: Abbr SSR
Giving Justin a breather by taking the stage for him? SPELLINGBIEBER
Goddess whose temple was lighted every night LUNA
Grammy winner Erykah BADU
Green's co-lyricist COMDEN
Grey in black and white ZANE
Grifter's target MARK
Hardly word-for-word LOOSE
Hook feature BARB
Hugh's 'Australia' co-star NICOLE
Hurler Hershiser OREL
Hurts badly MAIMS
Individually EACH
Inner, in combinations ENDO
Int. earners ACCTS
Interfere with MEDDLEIN
Lead-in for boy or girl ATTA
Less welcoming ICIER
Letter before Foxtrot ECHO
Letter opener SIRS
Lively quality ZING
Long of 'Third Watch' NIA
Made vulnerable LAIDOPEN
Mannerly fellow GENT
Mauna ___ LOA
Mayan crop MAIZE
Membranous pouch SAC
Mover on a board TOKEN
Musical set on a Greek island MAMMAMIA
Name on many pound cakes SARALEE
Nation between Togo and Nigeria BENIN
Nation with a tree on its flag LEBANON
Naught NIL
Nitty-gritty BASICS
One cutting locks in airlocks? SPACEBARBER
Opposition vote NAY
Oscar nominee for 'The Aviator' ALDA
Oscar-nominated role for Leslie Caron LILI
Pakistan's Bhutto BENAZIR
Pekoe-potato trade? TEAFORTUBER
Pony pace TROT
Present time, for short BDAY
Primary pigment for printers MAGENTA
Proud parent's comment when Junior calculates 2 x 2 x 2? THATSMYCUBER
Pull away SECEDE
Push-up provider BRA
Put to sleep, so to speak BORE
Quick tempo PRESTO
Radio switch AMFM
RoboCop and the Terminator, e.g CYBORGS
Roman river after a big ink spill? BLACKTIBER
Rudder setting REAR
Rx writers MDS
Satyric party ORGY
Senator's garb TOGA
Silas Marner's adopted daughter EPPIE
Slangy smoke SEEGAR
Some time ago ONCE
Spread around, as a rumor BRUIT
Strike setting ALLEY
Stuffing ingredient SAGE
Sugar bowl visitor ANT
Sun. delivery SER
Supporting vote YEA
They turn a blind eye to others IGNORERS
Throw into confusion DISRUPT
Ticks off MADDENS
Times Sq. bisector BWAY
Turn on the faucets WEEP
TV journalists Burnett and Andrews ERINS
Understood GOT
Used to be WAS
Valium maker ROCHE
Vermont ski resort OKEMO
Wagon train heading WEST
What connected folks have ANIN
What the suspicious smell ARAT
Words after break or shake ITUP
Words with binge or budget ONA
Yonder yacht SHE
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