How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jan 02 2016

'A horse is a horse' horse MRED
'Aim high...' org USAF
'Ariel guides you ___ the sea': Shelley OER
'Highway to Hell' rockers ACDC
'Toodles!' TATA
'Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way' in the Capitol, e.g MURAL
'Whatever would I do without you?' MYHERO
'Why not!' LETS
'Would you like me to?' SHALLI
1.2 mg, for thiamine USRDA
Act the supplicant BEG
Aligned group BLOC
Appease fully SATE
Attacks SETSON
Babe in a pouch ROO
Bacon piece ESSAY
Barack's most recent Supreme Court appointee ELENA
Batch file extension CMD
Battalion's victory song? ROUTINGNUMBER
Battler of Godzilla MOTHRA
Belt or bolt FASTEN
Bill word DUE
Blush inducers GAFFES
Bonsai practitioner? BRANCHMANAGER
Brewpub array ALES
Bullying words ORELSE
Call good, as a tennis shot RULEIN
Cameron, e.g TORY
Caterer's booking EVENT
Cause of chills, perhaps FLU
Cautious GUARDED
Certain something AURA
Chess champ's chronicle? CHECKINGACCOUNT
Childish comeback ARETOO
Childish comeback DOESSO
Children's book illustrator Howard PYLE
Comics dog in a Viking helmet SNERT
Commuter's choice BUS
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Conventions MORES
Crunch target GUT
Da Vinci hobby ROBOTICS
Damson's cousin SLOE
Decorator's design MOTIF
Directly SMACK
Disallows BANS
Doctor's clip-on PAGER
Draft choice SELECTEE
Editor's recognition to a freelancer? LINEOFCREDIT
Extremely unpopular HATED
Fogg's portrayer in 1956's 'Around the World in 80 Days' NIVEN
Follower of Jah RASTA
Genesis twin ESAU
Golf's 'Big Easy' ERNIEELS
Green land in Grenoble PARC
Grow over time ACCRUE
Grumpy Cat's apparent mood SNIT
Gunpowder ingredient SULFUR
Hardly a cakewalk ONEROUS
Haughty type SNOOT
Invite ASK
It has strings attached APRON
Jam accompaniment? HONKS
Kerry's department STATE
Kickboxing weapons SHINS
Kind of crisis DEBT
Knights, say DUBS
Late excuse, often TRAFFIC
Letter after Yankee ZULU
Lose concentration ZONEOUT
Loses power WANES
Magic on scoreboards ORL
Make more enticing SWEETEN
Many a Mormon UTAHAN
Many a Wharton grad MBA
Measure of curiosity? INTERESTRATE
MIA-to-JFK heading NNE
Moon goddess LUNA
More mawkish SAPPIER
More than clean SANITARY
Mower's mark SWATH
Nasty-tasting ACRID
No longer amusing OLD
Not a child-friendly dog BITER
Not binding NULL
NSFW matter PORN
One might wear a crown MOLAR
One of the archangels URIEL
One with gilt feelings? MIDAS
Other, in Acapulco OTRAS
Password possessor USER
Pastoral god PAN
Period divisions EPOCHS
Peyton's younger brother ELI
Prepare to play CUEUP
Punch ingredient? FIST
Puts up ERECTS
Quarterback Hoyer BRIAN
React to a bad call BOO
Receipt figure TOTAL
Reindeer in Disney's 'Frozen' SVEN
Remove from power UNPLUG
Reply to 'Come stai?' BENE
Rio neighborhood made famous in song IPANEMA
Running ONEND
Science fiction author Greg EGAN
Scrooge visitor SPIRIT
Secret supply STASH
Shower sponge LOOFAH
Silt on the other side of a really wide river? REMOTEDEPOSIT
Singer James ETTA
Sister of Chekhov's Irina and Olga MASHA
Site of high rollers OCEAN
Slangy okays YEAHS
Snortable tobacco SNUFF
Some New Zealanders MAORIS
Spongy cake BABA
Squabbling ATIT
Start-of-trading signal BELL
Substantiated PROVEN
System in which 73 is 111 OCTAL
Tearoom treat SCONE
The Grimaldis' principality MONACO
Trouble in a 1590s play title ADO
Two-time loser to Dwight ADLAI
Union underminer SCAB
Verizon remittance? MOBILEPAYMENT
Washer load, at times WHITES
Wee one INFANT
When the Tour de France takes place ETE
Within: Prefix ENTO
Workbook section UNIT
Yogi's shift from one leg to the other? BALANCETRANSFER
___ chi TAI
___ Domini ANNO
___ Reader (magazine with the motto 'Cure Ignorance') UTNE
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