How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 26 2018

'Absolutely!' yes
'Hailing frequencies open' speaker uhura
'Losing My Religion' band rem
Adm.'s org usn
Assist in criminality abet
At any time ever
At some future time oneday
Author Ferber edna
Be a consequence ensue
Bib dribble drool
Big name in home appliances amana
Bitter brew ale
Blazingly bright aglare
Bring to a halt cease
Bring together unify
Chiding sound tut
Clears the windshield, in a way defogs
Deliberately taunts baits
Dialing prefix areacode
Did some laps swam
Energetic individual balloffire
Entomologist's specimens bugs
Event facilitated by the Vandals' plundering fallofrome
Exclamation from Ebenezer bah
Explorer of children's TV dora
Falafel bread pita
Fast-running bird emu
Feet, of a yard thirds
Gave a shout yelled
Good worker's reward raise
Grass moistener dew
Hankers for wants
Headed toward madefor
His portrait hangs at Tiananmen Square mao
Horror or fantasy, e.g genre
House rule, of a sort curfew
In the style of ala
Japanese cartoon film anime
Like some jackets lined
Lot buy auto
Marine menace of WWII uboat
Metric mass gram
Minnesota shopping mecca mallofamerica
Mob pursuers feds
Moreno and Marley ritas
Move carefully ease
Must have need
Office intern, often gofer
Original new
Out of sorts ill
Out of the wind, nautically alee
Parcel out allot
People who may be waved over? surfers
Play place stage
Popular first-person shooter franchise callofduty
Porpoise's place ocean
Prune, as a branch sawoff
Recipe amount cup
Related told
Road accident marker flare
Rock & Roll's is located in Cleveland halloffame
Ryan of 'Sleepless in Seattle' meg
Saturn's largest moon titan
Scratching post user cat
Senate majority leader before McConnell reid
Single lone
Spice up enliven
Take the wheel steer
Take to one's heels flee
Tempestuous stormy
TV ability to enlarge and lose edges of the picture overscan
Two-wheeled vehicle scooter
Voldemort, to Harry Potter foe
Zero shape oval
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