How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 23 2019

'Beetle Bailey' dog otto
'Goodbye, Columbus' author roth
'Holberg Suite' composer grieg
'King Kong' studio rko
'Land of the Chamorros' guam
'What did I tell you?' see
'___ mio!' dios
Aa and pahoehoe lavas
Abounds teems
Accept cookies, e.g optin
Accusative, e.g case
After-dinner order decaf
Alaska's first capital sitka
Architectural extension annex
Architectural extension ell
Asteroid with a moon ida
Banks, for credit cards issuers
Best way to get respect earnit
Bickering atit
Big hit homerun
Biz bigwig exec
Black waterfowl coot
Blade part edge
Blue, in a way erotic
Brand advertised by Jennifer Aniston aveeno
Bub mac
Calendar entry event
Cast hue
Ceremony spot altar
Chuck toss
Clarifying words thatis
Come by gain
Cooperative state ally
Copy choice xerox
Crawdad's habitat bayou
Cultured? invitro
Demographic cohort genx
Didn't ignore heeded
Drink suffix ade
Fashion's Pierre cardin
Fatherly figure papa
Fighters for religious justice? xmenofthecloth
First mate adam
Foibles minorflaws
Foie ___ gras
Francis or Frank anne
Get-up for investigating the supernatural? xfilessuit
Gives off exudes
Glassy byproduct slag
Greek god of sleep hypnos
Greenlight approve
Greet the judge rise
Greeted the judge stood
Hamlet and Ophelia, e.g danes
Haydn's 'Surprise,' for one symphony
Hemmed square hankie
Hit pieces gats
How the Death Star was destroyed? xwingandaprayer
In stitches sewn
In ___ (sort of) asense
Ingrid's 'Casablanca' role ilsa
Irony? ferric
It's a hit slap
Jobs in technology steve
Lady of Arthurian legend enid
Large Starbucks orders trentas
Letters epistles
Like a wide receiver agile
Like Old Norse runic
Like some professorial wear tweedy
Like zombies reanimated
Major rooter avidfan
Mark's followers euros
Minute wee
Miserable dismal
Moby Dick, e.g albino
Monopoly co elec
Multitude drove
Neck of the woods area
Nectar source pear
Neither here nor there? indecisive
Noted span era
Number in icing age
One tied at the tongue? shoe
Onetime 'We Try Harder' sloganeer avis
Oz in the bookstore amos
Page, often gofer
Password preceders userids
Permeates imbues
Petal enclosers sepals
Ph.D. hurdles orals
Pirouette pivot toe
Place for bones ossuary
Play some tunes, say doaset
Quinella's cousin exacta
Real city? madrid
Related akin
Remote far
Rhea's 'Cheers' role carla
River past the Royal Shakespeare Company's Swan Theatre avon
Room at Microsoft HQ? xboxoffice
Russian range urals
Science promoter Bill nye
Seattle Storm's org wnba
See 60-Down ons
Selling site ebay
Semiconductor type diode
Shakespeare's 'to be,' e.g iamb
Shortly anon
Shrill summer buzzer cicada
Sin for Iago envy
Sinner's graph line? xaxisofevil
Sister of Chekhov's Irina and Masha olga
Skateboarding competition where the judges give random scores? xgamesofchance
Skating moves axels
Smelter inputs ores
Solidifies gels
Some Olympic athletes, since the 1980s pros
Spellbound rapt
Spuds taters
Square unhip
Strain tax
Street on a hill picabo
Struck (out) xed
Take a critical look at British royalty? xraycharles
They might be burned dvds
Tombstone marshal earp
Top of the clock xii
Town known for its salts epsom
Trimming target bonsaitree
Turner of TV ted
Two-bagger: Abbr dbl
University of Cambridge mit
Upper-left key esc
Weighed down laden
With 39-Down, extras add
Wonka portrayer depp
Words to a betrayer ettu
Work with a libretto opera
Worker who makes lots of calls ump
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