How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 20 2016

'...and to ___ good night' ALLA
'Fawlty Towers' wife SYBIL
'Madam Secretary' star TEALEONI
'Platoon' setting NAM
'Scorpion' shower CBS
'Twilight in Delhi' author ___ Ali AHMED
'___ who?' SEZ
Acct. addition INT
Afore ERE
Agitated state STEW
Aid for fighting a fire in front of the setting sun? WESTWARDHOSE
Air traffic aid RADAR
Alien spacecraft in an Arthur C. Clarke tale RAMA
America's first multimillionaire ASTOR
Anathema to Emily Post BADMANNERS
Anchor lines NEWS
Arizonan's neighbors to the south SONORANS
Bald spot coverer RUG
Bandit feature ONEARM
Beatles song '___ Love Her' ANDI
Benefit AVAIL
Bewildered state caused by a surfeit of campaign ads? ELECTIONDAZE
Big Board inits NYSE
Body-based ANATOMIC
Brashly self-confident COCKY
Brings an action against SUES
Call for NEED
Campfire chow BEANS
Catch the lifeguard's eye, in a way FLAIL
Celtics, on scoreboards BOS
Centralized MID
Chef who adds just a hint of thyme or rosemary? HERBALTEASE
Chorus constituent ALTO
Coats with gunk SLIMES
Colleague of Antonin and Clarence ELENA
Cortana competitor SIRI
Cuisine that includes tom yum goong THAI
Curving shot in 70-Down MASSE
Dancer's asset GRACE
Davies of the Kinks RAY
Deborah's 1956 co-star YUL
Designer born in Piacenza ARMANI
Destination of some liners OUTFIELD
End for differ or depend ENCE
Entrepreneurial assets IDEAS
Feng ___ (harmonious flow) SHUI
Film editor's concern PACING
Flooring choice TILE
Front runners? DESERTERS
Game roller DIE
Gangland piece GAT
Grant an appeal to REHEAR
Group of top advisers ATEAM
Group that was composed of two married couples ABBA
Haberdashery array TIES
Hamper DETER
Highly decorative band on a wall? FANCYFRIEZE
Hill of streaky stone? MARBLERISE
Holden Caulfield's brother ALLIE
Imitative of ALA
Inconceivably large pay boost? COSMICRAISE
Iraqi port BASRA
Israeli weapon UZI
It's pitched outside TENT
Joined WED
Like some names and voyages MAIDEN
Like the valedictorian's parents, perhaps PROUDEST
Little, in Lille PEU
Lodge doings APRESSKI
Lustful looks LEERS
Magazine whose last cover featured Taylor Swift COSMOGIRL
Makes certain stitches PURLS
Makeup of a 'How to Serve' manual? TENNISPROSE
Memento of being hit by a pitch? HOMEBRUISE
MI6 counterpart CIA
Mother of Judy and Elroy JANE
Mrs. Robinson's daughter ELAINE
Naturalness EASE
Nose bag nosh OATS
Ocean trip in a horse-drawn coach? STAGECRUISE
Off-the-rack READYMADE
Old salt TAR
One is opposite a kangaroo on the Australia coat of arms EMU
One might take you in SCAM
One of the Brady boys PETER
Pages for letters LEASES
Paraquat targets WEEDS
Penitent person ATONER
Perfect places EDENS
Piano piece ETUDE
Pickling solution BRINE
Plopped down SAT
Poland's capital before Warsaw CRACOW
PowerPoint unit SLIDE
Prepare for cooking, in a way DEFROST
Prepared for cooking, in a way RINSED
Put away ATE
Put into play USE
Quiznos buys SUBS
Recipients of some promotions PAWNS
Remove LOP
Resilient wood ASH
Responsibility ONUS
Retiring SHY
Roulette bet EVEN
Shark's offering LOAN
Sharp mountain ridge ARETE
She sang a duet of 'What Now My Love' with Frank ARETHA
Shooting match? POOL
Skyline obscurer SMOG
Slick makeup OIL
Slightly ATAD
Snap, e.g FASTENER
Some iPhone reading EMAIL
Sound from a king fond of Parliaments? ROYALWHEEZE
Spirited horses STEEDS
Spot for those who should 'speak now or forever hold their peace' PEW
Squabble ROW
Stephanie Beatriz's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' role ROSA
Stylist's stuff GEL
Swarm member GNAT
Take in, say ALTER
Takeout ketchup, usually PACKETS
Tale told in an interrogation room ALIBI
Tapering top SPIRE
Textile mill sights LOOMS
The Pont des Arts spans it SEINE
Try to catch CHASEAFTER
Twain's Dan'l Webster, e.g FROG
Two-wheeled transport RICKSHAW
Two-wheeled transports BIKES
Unpopular singers? STOOLIES
Waves away SHOOS
Way cool RAD
Worthless JUNKY
___ up (appraised) SIZED
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