How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 15 2008

'Are you sure of that?' WANNABET
'Cosmicomics' author Calvino ITALO
'Mama Told Me ___ Come' NOTTO
'O patria mia' singer AIDA
'Ray' or 'Ali' BIOPIC
'Take ___!' ('Try some!') ABITE
'Wicked Game' singer Chris ISAAK
'___ a Stranger' (Olivia de Havilland film) NOTAS
'___ Grows in Brooklyn' ATREE
'___ I say, not...' DOAS
'___ you the clever one?' ARENT
4 on a phone GHI
Abbr. before Grant or Lee GENL
Accountant's entry DEBIT
Acronym on a flight suit NASA
Ad follower HOC
Almond liqueurs AMARETTOS
And others, in old Rome ETALII
Ans. elicitor QUES
Anwar's predecessor GAMAL
Attacks from the side FLANKS
Author Wiesel ELIE
Baltic Sea repub. LITH
Banking device AILERON
Bell-shaped lily SEGO
Berth rite SLEEP
Braying beasts ASSES
Breakfast meeting hr. SEVENAM
Bus. card info EXT
Bushy thicket COPSE
Camcorder abbr. REC
Camels' kin LLAMAS
Cartoon character with a backpack DORA
Cellist's purchase ROSIN
Chance to catch bugs BETATEST
Changing rooms CABANAS
Choose formally ANOINT
City with a 34-foot-high statue of Neptune VIRGINIABEACH
Classic dress style ALINE
Co-star in 1934's 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' EDNABEST
Commotion STIR
Compete VIE
Concert schedule notations TBAS
Consultation cost FEE
Costa ___ RICA
Cultural figure ICON
Deep bow SALAAM
Deli order BLT
Downright awful STINKO
Driving forces LIBIDOS
Early period MORN
Economize STINT
Existed WAS
Faith in God THEISM
Fashion faux pas list DONTS
Feels fluish AILS
Financial guru Suze ORMAN
Flasks, beakers, microscopes, and the like LABEQUIPMENT
Flick chick ACTRESS
Floor model DEMO
Football great Dawson LEN
Former 'Meet the Press' moderator Marvin KALB
Four-stringed instrument UKE
Gift-wrapping need TAPE
Gig for Joy and Barbara THEVIEW
Green tools PUTTERS
Hannibal Lecter ate them FAVABEANS
Heath's 'Brokeback Mountain' role ENNIS
Hotel reviewer, e.g. RATER
Hrs. in Salt Lake City MST
In a frenzy LOCO
It's full of leaves TEABALL
Item involved in a tire change LUGNUT
Japanese protein source EDAMAME
Jeremy of 'Law & Order' SISTO
Jet set? SSTS
Jets set? ELEVEN
Ladies of hip-hop BGIRLS
LAX guesstimates ETAS
Let the cat out of the bag TOLD
Lettuce variety BIBB
Longtime Yugoslav leader TITO
Magnate NABOB
Map notches BAYS
Marie Curie's Nobelist daughter IRENE
Merchant of music NATALIE
Minnesota's state fish WALLEYE
Monkees hit written by Neil Diamond IMABELIEVER
Mt. Rushmore setting SDAK
Muscat native OMANI
Numbered NYC runners STS
One way to serve café AULAIT
One who decides if a play is fair or foul THEATERCRITIC
Org. with a noted journal AMA
Part of a chorus line? TRA
Pedometer unit MILE
Place for a visitor's bureau? EXTRABEDROOM
Plumbing bend ELL
Popular Pepperidge Farm cookie MILANO
Port east of Alexandria ROSETTA
Port of northern Germany KIEL
Promotional product TIEIN
Protein messenger RNA
Puzzle theme which appears nine more times in the grid ABE
Qantas critter KOALABEAR
Resort on the Adriatic coast RIMINI
Robotics part SERVO
Roseanne's mom, on 'Roseanne' BEV
Rub the wrong way CHAFE
Rugged buggies, for short ATVS
She plays Olivia on 'Law & Order: SVU' MARISKA
Shortly, to Shakespeare ANON
Skedaddled RANAWAY
Sleek and graceful SVELTE
Spain's last queen ENA
Sphere REALM
Starts SHIES
Steroid use side effect ACNE
Toronto-to-Montreal dir. ENE
Toshiba rival RCA
Truman's birthplace LAMAR
Under sedation OUT
Unshakable ADAMANT
Used the dining room ATEIN
Variety SORT
Walked unsteadily DODDERED
Wall Street whiz ARB
Whiskey choice IRISH
Without exception ALL
Wood grooves RABBETS
Word on a Ouija board YES
Words on a takeout menu WEDELIVER
___ about (roughly) ONOR
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