How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 03 2018

'Don't know' indication shrug
'Hello' singer adele
'Nausea' novelist sartre
'Steppenwolf' novelist hesse
'The Hollow Men' poet eliot
1959 hit for Neil Sedaka ohcarol
1975 Terrence McNally play theritz
AFL's partner cio
Airborne drone, e.g bee
Angry outburst blowup
Auditions reads
Bike rider pedaler
Bleating sound baa
Blocks dams
Bloke guy
Bullring cheers oles
Caravan stops oases
Cause of some panicked bleating? shearterror
Caustic solutions lyes
Chimney part flue
Chomped biton
Convention norm
Count of jazz basie
Course activity golf
Cowboy, at times herder
Cry of recognition oho
Dasani rival evian
Deals with guilt atones
Delaware senator Chris coons
Different else
Documentarian Burns ken
Ear's middle cob
Early runabout brand reo
Eucalyptus eaters koalas
Event for select customers presale
Extremely ultra
Fashions makes
Festival for feeble folks? dayoftheweak
Filled with more profanity saltier
First-rate sterling
Flight feature step
Flyers with forked tails terns
Food label abbr rda
Franklin's wife eleanor
General acknowledgment salute
Give a little budge
Going around in circles, perhaps lost
Good pair aces
Gooey cheese brie
Grazing expanse lea
Groundskeeper's tool rake
Gucci Mane's specialty rap
Guidebook feature map
Hamilton's bill ten
Headline about director Lee's recovery from an injury? spikeheals
Hellenic vowels etas
Historic riveter rosie
Home of the world's second-largest labor force india
I, in Innsbruck ich
Ian Fleming, in the 1920s etonian
Ignore, as faults seepast
In accordance with asper
Inactive stagnant
Inheritor under primogeniture eldest
Island at the mouth of the Persian Gulf hormuz
John on the jukebox elton
Joined the military formation fellin
Last part tagend
Lead-in to 'Please stop following me everywhere'? dearstalker
Leipzig lang ger
Letter before Foxtrot echo
Like a pitcher's pretty good game twohit
Lincoln, in NYC, e.g ctr
Looking unhealthy sallow
Manipulative bunch users
Market aid cart
Mess up err
Minuscule amount tittle
Musical set at Rydell High grease
Needle tease
Negating prefix non
Old Chevy minivan astro
Old Scottish plunderers reivers
Olive Garden offering pasta
Open-roofed halls atria
Output of some Cambridge DJs? harvardbeats
Over anew
Paid spots ads
Pen unit cell
Persevered heldon
Play group team
Portfolio listing assets
Princess in an 1884 comic opera ida
Pump name mobil
Put in a locker stow
Quiet cars teslas
Quite suspenseful taut
Raucous note blat
Reception nibble canape
Regard intently stareat
Repeated, a Polynesian island bora
Ringer bell
Robe part sash
Roguish sly
Runners' stops bases
Salt shakers waves
Screen gangster Pepe lemoko
Serious surfers? beachnuts
Skull socket eyepit
Sling toss
Snoopy's strip peanuts
Some affix 'Esq.' to their names atts
Some north Pacific islanders aleuts
Sound from a decrepit catapult? battlecreak
Sound of a carrot-colored 77-Down? orangepeal
Station worker porter
Steaming irate
Stephen of 'The Crying Game' rea
Stone on film sharon
Surprisingly enough noless
Tablet pill
Tetley workers doing inventory? teatotalers
Truck drivers' contest roadeo
Trusted adviser mentor
Twisty curves esses
Virtual community begun in 1985 as a bulletin board thewell
Virtual reality glove component sensor
Visibly distraught intears
Visit on vacation stayat
What steak shippers do? trackmeat
What's left estate
Where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded oslo
Whole lot ton
Wimbledon competition doubles
___ corpus habeas
___ Poke (caramel candy) slo
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