How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 01 2018

'Babe' group ewes
'But wait! There's more!' brand ginsu
'Later, muchacho' adios
'Not a problem' itscool
'The Teflon Don' gotti
'Your Moment of ___,' and a hint to what's added to the starred answers zen
*'Beloved, wouldst thou liketh this bak'd sweet?'? oromeocookie
*Ad for the Australian Open? tennispromo
*Chromosome set on the more outrageous side? genomewilder
*Slogan on Marge's T-shirt? imwithhomer
2006 Andrea Bocelli album amore
Acts the grandparent dotes
Air and water, e.g needs
Animal on the United Kingdom's Royal Arms unicorn
Aphrodite offspring eros
Barber's challenge mop
Become prominent rise
Big mouth maw
Branch office? treehouse
Chase away shoo
City on Guanabara Bay rio
City west of Cedar Rapids ames
Clanton foe earp
Co-worker of Lane and Kent olsen
Combine name deere
Country music's Tillis mel
Dinghy thingie oar
Emphatic retort from a go-getter ohyesican
Emulate a nursery rhyme wife eatnolean
Experience contrition rue
Famed first name in navigation amerigo
Flammable jelly napalm
Good Grips kitchen brand oxo
Gross counterpart net
Heart-eyes face, e.g emoji
Henry VIII's desire son
Highest mountain in Wales snowdon
Jazz flutist Herbie mann
Judge at the Home Run Derby aaron
Key of Mozart's String Quartet No. 18 amaj
Lennon's love ono
Like the days after Mardi Gras lenten
Make like a rat sing
Make up for a semester of slacking off cram
Manhattan component rye
Modern affix neo
More twisted wrier
Munich souvenir stein
Nation with a Caspian coast iran
NATO nation usa
Numero di dimensioni tre
Oft-injured knee part, briefly acl
Pair at the end of many price tags nines
Parallel parking place curb
Peach or lime, e.g color
Perfects hones
Pound, e.g coin
Puts in piles, perhaps sorts
Ranch dressing? chaps
Red monster of kids' TV elmo
Ruin, as hopes dash
Sarcastically elongated words butno
Slip site pier
Source of the 'Luigi Death Stare' meme mariokart
Source of voices in your head, maybe earbuds
Sushi bar tuna ahi
Ted from Texas cruz
Teen bane acne
Tied up berthed
Title for Pierre Perignon dom
Unresponsive inert
Western omelet ingredient onion
Wield, as influence exert
Yet to be achieved unmet
You might get down from them geese
Young business partner? ernst
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