How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 29 2006

'Another Day on Earth' rocker Brian ENO
'Egdon Heath' composer HOLST
'Excuse me...' AHEM
'For ___ a jolly good...' HES
'Her ___' ('Miss Saigon' song) ORME
'How boring!' YAWN
'I intend to do more traveling,' said ___ GULLIVER
'I plan to let my hair down,' said ___ RAPUNZEL
'I promise to spend less money,' said ___ EBENEZERSCROOGE
'I vow to get more sleep,' said ___ RIPVANWINKLE
'I vow to go out more in the evenings,' said ___ COUNTDRACULA
'I will build up my web-based business,' said ___ SPIDERMAN
'I will follow a no-fat diet,' said ___ JACKSPRAT
'I will look on the bright side of things,' said ___ POLLYANNA
'I will pay more attention to my appearance,' said ___ NARCISSUS
'Socrate' composer SATIE
'Steppenwolf' writer HESSE
'The Good German' star CLOONEY
'The Grapes of Wrath' name JOAD
1-1, for one TIESCORE
1997 Wimbledon champ HINGIS
91-Across, natively CCCP
A, in Arles UNE
Abbr. in some city names HTS
Abbr. on some magazine sections ADVT
Affixes one's John Hancock to INKS
Apartment, often RENTAL
Bearish URSINE
Big surname in baseball ALOU
Black-and-white grazers HOLSTEINS
Blount in the NFL Hall of Fame MEL
Boasts HAS
Bomb's opposite HIT
Bombshell Diana DORS
Book after Prov. ECCL
Borscht Belt bit SCHTICK
Bottom-of-the-line ELCHEAPO
Bounce EJECT
Café society? SERVERS
Cartesian conclusion IAM
China setting ASIA
Chowder-eating aids SOUPSPOONS
Clay or Webster WHIG
Coats with a protective oxide ANODIZES
Colleague of Jackson and Cowell ABDUL
Collector's dream SET
Come up ARISE
Composer's creation OPUS
Crabby Rooney ANDY
Creature copy CLONE
Digs in twigs NEST
Door part LATCH
Elfin quality TININESS
Elongated fish GARS
Embroidered letters on some towels HERS
Emulate a newsgroup newbie LURK
Famed lady of Argentina EVITA
Finish in the top three MEDAL
Frasier's producer ROZ
Gaston Lachaille's love GIGI
Get ready to explode SEETHE
Go across SPAN
Groups of animals, to biologists TAXA
Guitar great Paul LES
Havana houses CASAS
He'll croak eventually TADPOLE
Holding account ESCROW
Hypo filler SERUM
It makes the cut on Mt. Everest ICEAXE
Its currency is the nuevo sol PERU
Jacob's twin ESAU
Jazz's Fitzgerald ELLA
Kachina doll makers HOPI
Kettle of fish MESS
Key rings? ATOLLS
Keyboard bar SPACER
Like Nehru jackets HIGHNECKED
Like the White Rabbit LATE
Liquid used in making plastics STYRENE
Loud laugh ROAR
Loving grandparents, e.g. DOTERS
Loyal TRUE
Made like APED
Major flop DISASTER
Make at work EARN
Master, as poker WINAT
Mauna ___ (Hawaii's highest peak) KEA
Med. specialty ENT
Metropolitan Opera star Podles EWA
Mir launcher USSR
Miss term? GAL
Missouri feeder OSAGE
Mohawk River city UTICA
NATO member USA
Needlework design? TATTOO
Nescafé alternative SANKA
Nobel-winning physicist Paul DIRAC
Official language of Pakistan URDU
Onassis's X CHI
One who's a real sucker LEECH
Ordered BADE
Pleased reaction AAH
Police dept. rank CMDR
Pornographic, euphemistically ADULT
Prince of India RAJA
Prohibits BANS
Question from a bartender BADDAY
Ray Charles song HEYNOW
Ready for business OPEN
Rhyming boxing champ ALI
Rockets star Ming YAO
Sahara sight MIRAGE
Scotch cocktails ROBROYS
Seeds, before they're ripened OVULES
Shortness of breath? RESP
Sign of approval SEAL
Sites of some vaults APSES
Skye of 'Gas Food Lodging' IONE
Speedy Amtrak train ACELA
Spot on ABC TVAD
Squiffed LIT
Stock exchange purchase SEAT
Stop END
Subtlety NUANCE
Sue Grafton's '___ for Innocent' IIS
Super Bowl Sunday snacks NACHOS
Supreme Court justice from 1956 to 1990 BRENNAN
Sushi bar orders SAKIS
The Ponte Vecchio spans it ARNO
The talk of Bangkok THAI
They may give you the upper hand ACES
Tiger Woods's determination? DRIVE
Tuscan coneful GELATO
Twice-a-month tide NEAP
Umbrella part RIB
Van Cliburn's ebonies BLACKKEYS
Voters' list SLATE
Welcome at the door SEEIN
Well-timed ONCUE
___ canto (singing style) BEL
___ platter (Chinese menu choice) PUPU
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