How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 22 2018

'Go Tell It on the Mountain,' e.g spiritual
'Halt!' to a salt avast
'Honi soit qui mal y ___' pense
'Jingle Bells' contraction oer
'Let earth receive ___ King' her
'Rumor has it...' iheard
'The Age of Anxiety' poet auden
'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' singers shirelles
83-Down make them calls
Accrued ranup
Advance lend
Affleck of 'Surviving Christmas' ben
Agate's cousin onyx
Army of the Potomac commander meade
Bank depend
Baryshnikov nickname misha
Be a hoarder amass
Be that as it may inanycase
Beam of light that never dims? lastingray
Big Apple paper monogram nyt
Bigot's lack tolerance
Bluish-gray slate
Bowl workers refs
Bumbling inept
Business with projected revenue? cinema
Bustle ado
Busy time for Santa eve
Calendar entries events
Can. neighbor usa
Capital founded as a gold rush camp helena
Capitol Bldg. worker sen
Carols, e.g tunes
Chess grandmaster Mikhail tal
Chris who plays Captain America evans
Christmas carol noel
Christmas, in Cremona natale
City southwest of Madrid toledo
Club base toast
Conrad who walked on the moon pete
Cord part plug
Covers ground, in a way sods
Critics' concern arts
Crop up arise
Despise abhor
Different else
Disney film set in Polynesia moana
Do the wrong thing err
Draft card org sss
Elf sprite
Entreaty plea
Euro divisions cents
Far-ranging seabird petrel
Fireplace stuff ashes
Former BP subsidiary arco
Forum wear toga
French article les
French vineyard cru
Fruitcake bit raisin
Garden shed item hoe
Get sidetracked stray
Gondola setting canal
Gregarious social
Hammer target nailhead
Hand warmer muff
Handout flier
Hangs loosely lolls
Hard work slog
Helping hand aid
Highland tongue erse
Hog holder sty
Home improvement, of a sort addon
Hr. part min
Inundated awash
Jaguar features spots
Joan's 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' co-star bette
Keys in enters
Landlord's income rents
Lech Walesa, before he became active? latentpole
Like some management upper
Like the G's in gingerbread soft
Look forward to await
Looks after tends
Luckless fellow loser
Luncheonette list menu
Mediocre sheets? fairishlinen
Mirror fogger steam
Mock tease
Moral authority aesop
Motorist's turnoff exitramp
Namely, in other words idest
Nog ingredient egg
Nymphs of the mountains oreads
Offered intimations hinted
One carrying twin daughters? ladenmother
Parties dos
Passing piece obit
Pie nut pecan
Plagues besets
Pol's supporter pac
Popular Christmas gift cash
Pres. for 12 years fdr
Princess topper tiara
Rachel of MSNBC maddow
Radius setting arm
Related akin
Remini of 'The King of Queens' leah
Resort facility spa
Results of excessive stress meltdowns
Rose garden pest aphid
Rx amounts doses
Salon stuff gel
Satchel on the mound paige
Scarlett's home tara
Scratches (out) ekes
Sectors areas
Serenity ease
Seventh Ave. subway line irt
Sharp prong tine
Significant stretch era
Sketched drew
Slap in the face snub
Smart natty
Some radio stations fms
Song whose refrain has been prefixed to nine answers in this puzzle deckthehalls
Sozzled lit
Specs with a handle lorgnette
Speedy planes ssts
Stocking stuffer toe
Suffer ail
Summon up evoke
Take care of dirty shawls and scarves? launderwraps
Tale teller liar
Target for an Apple Pencil ipad
Third day of Christmas gift hen
Trial episode just received by a TV exec? latestpilot
Turning tool's tailstock? latheend
Typify embody
Ukr. or Est., once ssr
Unconvincing-sounding cadaver? laboredstiff
Unit of a VI-pack? latincan
Volunteer's offer illgo
Within, in combinations ento
Without modification asis
___ Row (London's tailoring street) savile
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