How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 17 2010

'99 Luftballons' singer NENA
'America by Heart' author PALIN
'Evil Woman' band ELO
'Methinks,' in chat rooms IMO
'Something's ___ Give' (Nicholson/Keaton film) GOTTA
'Take responsibility!' MANUP
'The Shawshank Redemption' setting STATEPEN
'Twelve Days of Christmas' group PIPERS
100, in Italy CENTO
50+ group AARP
Andy's boy OPIE
Angel's opposite BRAT
Atlanta Symphony leader Robert SPANO
Bakery buys BUNS
Battery stuff ACID
Bends out of shape WARPS
Blanket artisan NAVAHO
Bowling ball material URETHANE
Bus. gatherings MTGS
Bust ___ (laugh hard) AGUT
Call from the PD APB
Cambodia's Lon ___ NOL
Campaign catchphrase taking a siesta? LIPSTICKONAPIG
Canned, maybe for taking a siesta? GIVENAPINKSLIP
Cannes site THERIVIERA
Cause of inflation? PUMP
City with a view of Mauna Kea HILO
Clydesdale controller REIN
Concert venues ARENAS
Cooper and Cole GARYS
Cries of clarity AHAS
Croupier's tool RAKE
Defense secretary after Cheney ASPIN
Directional suffix ERN
Dismay ALARM
Dogpatch possessive HISN
Dray puller ASS
Elemental bit ATOM
Failed in a big way TANKED
Famously felicitous palindrome taking a siesta? AMANAPLANACANALPANAMA
Far from fearless AFRAID
Fewer than few NONE
Finger RATON
First name in the 'Sanford and Son' cast REDD
First saint canonized by a pope ULRIC
Flapper wrapper BOA
Former Ecuadorian money SUCRES
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Fruity frozen treat ICEPOP
Gland that produces melatonin PINEAL
God of the underworld OSIRIS
Goggles STARES
Goldbrick LOAF
Good fighter? EVIL
Good times UPS
Govt. lawyers DAS
Graph peaks MAXIMA
Hampers HURTS
Handle SEETO
Heroic narrative SAGA
High forest stratum CANOPY
Home of Nike OREGON
Hop atop MOUNT
Host of the 2006 Asian Games QATAR
How ballerinas dance ONTOE
Idiom for a neologist taking a siesta? TOCOINAPHRASE
Indistinct MISTY
It has its ups and downs SEESAW
It'll grow on you HAIR
Lash ___ (berate) OUTAT
Legions HOSTS
Letter-shaped girder TBEAM
Like a quidnunc NOSY
Made ecstatic SENT
Many a reggae musician RASTA
Mares eat them OATS
Mickey's co-star in 'The Wrestler' MARISA
Mound accessory ROSINBAG
NBA team taking a siesta? INDIANAPACERS
Nothing gets by them SENTRIES
Novelist Turgenev IVAN
Oil company with annual toy trucks HESS
Old salt TAR
One may cover your tab BARBET
Oscar's org. AMPAS
Peon's pay, perhaps PESO
Pithy proverbs MAXIMS
Play piece ACT
Plug-in Chevy VOLT
Pontiac muscle car TRANSAM
Programming language named for the first programmer ADA
Project Gemini rocket stage AGENA
Pub purchase PINT
Punny motto for this puzzle, taking a siesta? THERESANAPFORTHAT
Put a value on ASSESS
Relief map figs. ALTS
Repeated word in a Doris Day hit SERA
Ringo's drummer son ZAK
Rock guitarist, in slang AXMAN
Rust-resistant sheet TINPLATE
Ruth's retired number THREE
Salon sound SNIP
Scholarly paper TREATISE
Scorpion, e.g. ARACHNID
Seasoned type VETERAN
Serengeti grazer ANTELOPE
Siesta taken by this puzzle's longest answers NAP
Simile of similarity taking a siesta? LIKETWOPEASINAPOD
Sorghum variety DURRA
Soviet secret police chief BERIA
Spinoff sitcom of 1972 MAUDE
Sprat's dictum NOFAT
St. Petersburg's river NEVA
States AVERS
Surfboard treatments WAXES
Take ___ (lose money) AHIT
Teri Garr's 'Young Frankenstein' role INGA
Terre surrounded by mer ILE
The Baltics, once: Abbr. SSRS
Top man, in headlines PREZ
Treacherous ensign of drama IAGO
Tree-climbing lizard IGUANA
Type of testimony ORAL
Uffizi works ARTE
Uninspired VAPID
Univ. faculty member INSTR
Up-to-the-minute LATEST
Ushers in, with fanfare HERALDS
Vanishing point? THINAIR
What every thing is NOUN
With 51-Across, 1976 compilation album OLE
___ rule ASA
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