How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 15 2018

'Believe it ___...' ornot
'Darkman' director Sam raimi
'First ___...' (Washington description) inwar
'Get out!' scat
'L'chaim!' tolife
'Meet the Parents' co-star teripolo
'Moonstruck' star cher
'Steppenwolf' author hesse
100:1, e.g odds
1950s flop edsel
A pop each
Aid for an umpire review slomo
All atwitter agog
Bacchanalian revelry orgy
Beginning onset
Best oneup
Big screen stars idols
Bill in a till five
Blessing boon
Brings in imports
Browned, then simmered braised
Builds erects
Burnett of CNN erin
Car window sticker decal
Celestial bear ursa
Chef's topper toque
Circus horn honkers atop choppers? sealsonwheels
City on the Mediterranean alexandria
Comedian Fields totie
Court woo
Court order writ
Crackerjacks aces
Creative Christian dior
Cruet contents oil
Cry for a coloratura brava
Danny of the Celtics ainge
Dolorous state sorrow
Dropping the ball erring
Drumstick part tibia
Dry run test
Earring style hoop
Elite crew ateam
Enjoy Alta ski
Exam for jrs psat
Feature of Japan's Matsumoto Castle moat
Feline sign leo
Film genre noir
Forest quaker aspen
Give up cede
Go for the gold at the beach? mineinthesand
Gregarious group? aeiou
Guy dude
Gymnast's performance routine
Hides from view shrouds
Hindu god of thunder and lightning indra
Hot stolen
IMHO relative fwiw
In that case then
Injured hurt
Involved with seeing
Is nuts about loves
Jazz aficionado cat
Jerk ass
July 15, e.g ides
Junior, to senior son
Keats creation ode
Kid's rhyme starter eenie
Lab safety org osha
Lennon's lady ono
Like Antarctic winds harsh
Lily variety calla
Lithe supple
Lounges for lampooners? mockerrooms
Lunch invitation letseat
Made a stack out of piled
Make a vow swear
Make fizzy aerate
Malady that might afflict a melancholy mooer? sadcowdisease
Marsh emanations miasmas
Mattel offerings since 1961 kendolls
Mount Kilimanjaro? climb
Musical pause rest
Noted name in fairy tales grimm
Oafish inept
Org. with wands tsa
Painter Veronese paolo
Park activity hiking
Part of STEM math
Pat of 'The Karate Kid' morita
Phoenician port tyre
Plain font arial
Plains Indians osages
Plight of the poor hardlot
Prez after Harry ike
Prime purchase steak
Pursuit of a patsy? sapquest
Razor brand bic
Record an audio book narrate
Rector's assistant curate
Reduce a staff, and make seven squares in this puzzle smaller, in a way downsize
Remnant of a 1054 supernova explosion crabnebula
Russian crepes blinis
Sarcastic alternative to 'Fat chance!' imsosure
Scrunchie, e.g hairtie
Search for water dowse
Seedy bar dive
Seeker of an honest man diogenes
Sellout show sign sro
Senator Murkowski lisa
Shaving tool plane
Sing the praises of extol
Sister of Meg, Jo and Amy beth
Soup with sushi miso
Spots espies
Sprite Zero, e.g dietsoda
Subjects to abusive initiation hazes
Supper bud? matefordinner
Swell treatments icepacks
Swill slurpers swine
Teensy bit skosh
Texter's 'Much obliged' thx
That guy him
Thomas or Milton poet
Tito Puente specialty mambo
Tool at the table cue
Top-row PC key esc
Track wagers exactas
Treaty gp. since 1948 oas
Trio at the O.K. Corral earps
Tuna variety ahi
TV detective Peter gunn
U.S. Open stadium dedicatee ashe
Use of Bullwinkle's understudy? moosechange
Venomous snake adder
Vexatious sorts pests
Vigor pep
Yemeni's neighbor omani
Yoga pose asana
Young panda cub
___ mater alma
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