How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 07 2012

'American Idol' loss? SINGINGDEFEAT
'Gertrude and Claudius' novelist UPDIKE
'Give ___ rest!' ITA
'Gracious!' DEARME
'Jeepers!' in Jersey BLIMEY
'Look to ___ troublous world': 'Richard III' SEEA
'My bad!' OOPS
'On the house' NOCHARGE
'Rocky III' co-star MRT
'Ta-ta!' CHEERIO
'The sum is greater than the parts' philosophy HOLISM
'Yikes!' OHNO
1,000 kilograms TONNE
1963 film based on a Larry McMurtry novel HUD
19th-century American botanist ASAGRAY
Act the gossip DISH
Adjustable loops NOOSES
Advice for an out-of-shape guy trying to attract women? SUCKINTHEMIDDLE
All the rage HOT
Alternative to 'Ticket' in a highway safety campaign CLICKIT
An airfoil provides it LIFT
August hrs DST
Author of the popular 'Goosebumps' books RLSTINE
Battlefield launchers MORTARS
Blackjack dealer's showing UPCARD
Blanket material? SNOW
Boxing matches? SOCKEXCHANGES
Broke ground, perhaps HOED
Campaign creator AGENCY
Cape Town's nation: Abbr RSA
Cardiology charts, for short EKGS
Carolina university ELON
Cashless deals SWAPS
Categorize ASSORT
Cause of a shot in the dark? LENSCAP
Cave temple site of India ELLORA
Checkout procedures SCANS
Chuck wagon fare GRUB
Combines POOLS
Commotion STIR
Company whose first store was in Aelmhult, Sweden IKEA
Compiles AMASSES
Cookie magnate Wally AMOS
Curbside sights METERS
DDE's 1942 command ETO
Deals with moguls SKIS
Don't exist ARENT
End of many a list ETAL
End of some Web addresses ORG
Ending for hip or quip STER
Energy-boosting berry ACAI
Expensively finished GILT
Expressions of contempt SNEERS
Extremely bright NEON
Financial involvement STAKE
Four-armed god VISHNU
Freezes up TENSES
Gets into, as loafers SLIPSON
Grave marker? ACCENT
Great Lakes creator ICEAGE
Hassle PAIN
Have the nerve DARE
Head of the costume department EDITH
Heart part AURICLE
High-hatter SNOB
Horned Frogs' sch TCU
In a sulk MOPEY
Indigo source ANIL
Intensifies AMPSUP
iPhone feature GPS
It ends '...and peaceful slept the mighty Hector's shade' ILIAD
It may have many arms SEA
It merged with Air France in 2004 KLM
Java setting MUG
Kidnap Confucius? TAKETHESAGE
Kokoschka and Schindler OSKARS
Like leftovers UNEATEN
Like some flights INBOUND
Like tax legislation DEBATED
Line of clothing SEAM
Listening device EAR
Lt.'s subordinates NCOS
Lucerne lang GER
Magical drink ELIXIR
Manners of moving GAITS
Massage technique SHIATSU
Meet with an awful oracle? GETABUMSEER
More chilling EERIER
Moulin Rouge performance CANCAN
Nabokov novel PNIN
Not clean LEWD
Number of e's in 'Schadenfreude' DREI
Of one mind AGREED
On the left side of the no. line NEG
Online equivalent of shouting ALLCAPS
Order from the menu? SAYTHECOURSE
Plane, for one TOOL
Playfully attacks NIPSAT
Pocket-sized TINY
Pop music's Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Pricing word EACH
Quick expression of gratitude THX
Result of a cloudy day at the beach? SUNNINGUPSET
Risking a lot INBIG
Routine makeup GAGS
Russian retreats DACHAS
Satisfies SLAKES
Scorched SERE
Series centered at the Washington Navy Yard NCIS
Shop alternative HOMEEC
Sign where a cabinetmaker finishes? SANDINGROOMONLY
Six popes ADRIANS
Some Maine scenery PINES
Sotomayor of the Supreme Court SONIA
Spam source EMAIL
Spots at the clinic MEASLES
Stories YARNS
Summa ___ laude CUM
Superfluous NEEDLESS
Supermodel of the 1980s GIA
Temporary tattoo medium HENNA
Thermopylae defender SPARTA
Thousandth of a yen RIN
Totally cool EPIC
Translucent fabric TOILE
United ASONE
Useless NOHELP
Useless OTIOSE
Vein yields ORES
Welcomes warmly ASKSIN
Zap, say REWARM
Zoo barriers MOATS
___ Corner (D.C. suburb) TYSONS
___ in xylophone XAS
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