How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 01 2018

'Holy smokes!' gee
'I'll take that as ___' ano
'Missing in Action' star Chuck norris
'No problem' sure
'Not really,' nonverbally wink
'Previously...' lasttime
'See you!' byenow
'Shark Tank' shark Greiner lori
'The Jazz Singer,' notably talkie
1040, e.g irsform
1805 symphony eroica
A kitchen worker might wear one snood
A whole bunch slew
All thumbs inept
Allfather of myth odin
Allow to float, as currency unpeg
Angel in the outfield trout
Aspiring doc's exam mcat
Bad investments for house traders? flipflops
Based on hearing aural
Bearish ursine
Before long soon
Blowfish puffer
Bongo, e.g antelope
Boot oust
Brightened (up) perked
Bus. card info tel
Cabbage Patch Kids maker coleco
Caesar, in a 2010s movie franchise ape
Campus cohort frat
Change a handle rename
Charity sports events proams
Choice location for an author's house? writersblock
Clean up, in a way edit
Code creator morse
Concert venue arena
Conflict about house ownership? titlefight
Contract specification term
Copa del Mundo cry ole
Corn specialty? podiatry
Cough syrup ingredient codeine
Cycle sport bmx
D.C.-to-Norfolk heading sse
Decision maker opter
Didn't decide immediately slepton
Donnybrook melee
Drill that may bore rote
Drop, as an argument letdie
Exciting news about paperwork on a house purchase? thedeedisdone
Famous boxing family alis
Fiddler and king crabs
Final price for one's new house? closingnumber
Find somewhat amusing, perhaps grinat
Finds somewhere to build one's new house? likesalot
Gift of the gregarious gab
Going off the walls echoing
Green land erin
Green prefix eco
Hard to swallow bitter
Hide-hair connector nor
Hoover hookup hose
Hounds' prey hares
House broker who doesn't charge? freeagent
House near the Alabama coast? mobilehome
Isolated alone
James Cameron megahit avatar
Jens Stoltenberg is its secy. general nato
Kathmandu residents nepalese
Keanu, in 'The Matrix' neo
King's output novels
La la lead-in tra
Latch (onto) glom
Lead-in for 'girl!' or 'boy!' atta
Learns to fit in adapts
Like a short report onepage
Like a white whale albino
Long ago yore
Makes a point of asserts
Match with horses polo
Messed up erred
Milan's La ___ scala
MIT ___ School of Management sloan
Model used in physics class bohratom
Mushroom makers abombs
Mythological minder of the zodiac wheel chronos
N.C. State is in it acc
Not as dense sparser
O'er and o'er oft
One of a billionaire's houses? fourthestate
Palomino poker spur
Pays to play antesup
People of the Platte oto
Pepper on a platter? sgt
Pitch kin tar
Pitching stat losses
Place for poissons mer
Plan to settle up later runatab
Pointing a finger at iding
Positive trend, to economists upcurve
Prince Harry, from 1998 to 2003 etonian
Professors on pensions emeriti
Prunes clips
Qualifying as a role model imitable
Quashed overrode
Relieves from ridsof
Roped in ensnared
Senate VIPs chairmen
Shadowed tailed
Short excursion daytrip
Sibilant signals pssts
Skate tightener lacer
Smallville girl lana
Something to eat bite
Southwestern sights mesas
Spencer of 'Good Morning America' lara
Spoil, as a parade rainon
Square, to Pierre carre
Starts to disappear fades
Subject of Winston Churchill's 'London to Ladysmith via Pretoria' boerwar
Surveying figures areas
Tape measure: Abbr ips
The Louisville Bats, for the Reds farmteam
Tight head cover dorag
Tops acmes
Traffic warning noturns
Transport of Tibet yak
Treat, as a dry lawn reseed
Veiled threat orelse
View from the Str. of Gibraltar afr
Went past the border bled
What you're working on, for short xword
Whom Jason jilted medea
With moves like a gymnast agilely
Worked up inastir
___ impasse atan
___ Vista buena
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