How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 31 2017

'Abort, Retry, Fail?' software MSDOS
'Claws' network TNT
'Count me as well' IDOTOO
'Doesn't sound familiar' WHO
'Gangnam Style' rapper PSY
'The Shining' prop AXE
'The truth is I never left you' singer EVITA
1974 Sutherland/Gould spoof SPYS
Absence of challenge EASE
Allowing eavesdropping, perhaps AJAR
Amulet for Amenhotep SCARAB
Be on the fast track? RACE
Big bank, of a sort DIKE
Bubbie NANA
Capital on the Balkan peninsula SOFIA
Chorus line syllable TRA
Circumference segment ARC
Composer Webern ANTON
Constant nag SHREW
Dalton's predecessor MOORE
Elation JOY
Eschew modesty CROW
Fictional warrior from Amphipolis XENA
Fight for 15 concern WAGE
First name in the Solidarity movement LECH
Give the Bronx cheer JEERAT
Graduation time MAY
Grp. that confiscates water bottles TSA
Hammerhead's end PEEN
He had a beef with Biggie TUPAC
Higher than OVER
Home of Presque Isle State Park, briefly ERIEPA
Huddle in fear COWER
Incense ingredient BALSAM
Item flattened in a souvenir machine PENNY
Lift variety TBAR
Mailroom tape? OFFICEMEMOREX
Mason's creation JAR
Mexican treat at a Philadelphia university? DREXELTACO
Narrow point of land SPIT
No longer lying ARISEN
NYSE listing CORP
Observe closely TAKENOTICE
One in the upper class SENIOR
One who has a lot of screwdrivers? SOT
Patch things up? SEW
Personal nature SELF
Personal number AGE
Pizzeria sights OVENS
Precincts AREAS
Pressure URGE
Put to rest INTER
Region beyond the ozone ETHER
Relieved RID
Role Nigel Farage played in a 2016 vote? BREXITPART
Salad spheroid OLIVE
Seacoast flyer ERNE
Sequoia, e.g TOYOTA
Serb or Sorb SLAV
Sex ed subj STD
Singer of a complex song WREN
Sounds from the pros AYES
Spa treatment FACIAL
Stars sometimes have big ones EGOS
Stipulation that things are on the house at an old drugstore? FREEFORREXALL
Temporarily inactive LATENT
Tesla creation CAR
Tournament Cyberball 2072 maker ATARI
Uppermost limit THEMAX
Wall St. bigwig CEO
Wee speck MOTE
White sale goods LINENS
Worked on a sub ATE
___ Music (Brian Eno's old band) ROXY
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