How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 30 2013

'As I see it,' in texts IMO
'Just hold on ___!' ASEC
'Mom really flipped for this!' WOW
'Not for me' IPASS
'That wasn't nice!' TSK
'The Hurt Locker' bomb IED
'The Wizard of Oz' studio MGM
'Thrilla in Manila' winner ALI
'Watch me!' HEREIGO
'___ Tear Fall in the River' (Ella Fitzgerald song) ILETA
A 'hoi' mate? POLLOI
Agcy. co-founded by Mike Ovitz CAA
Approaches with radar assistance HOMESINON
Army address SIR
At the right time ONCUE
Aunt Bee's charge OPIE
Austrian article DER
Be a baby Einstein? INHERITTHEMIND
Big Apple sch NYU
Big time ERA
Boutros's successor at the United Nations KOFI
Brand originally called Froffles EGGO
Britain, at the British Empire's height? ISLEOFMIGHT
Business letter enc SASE
Bygone Pontiac muscle car GTO
Call to a foxhound TALLYHO
Canyon feature RIM
Capitol VIPs SENS
Cave ___ CANEM
Cell: Prefix CYTO
Clock-topping letters XII
Cords, e.g PANTS
Corp. bigwig CEO
Cosmopolitan competitor ELLE
Crash investigators TECHS
Dealer in women's fashionable attire MODISTE
Decorative fabric TOILE
Demand for a simple answer YESORNO
Denim worker DYER
Dentist's directive RINSE
Diner special for cabbage lovers? GRANDSLAWBREAKFAST
Discount rack abbr IRR
Dog bred as a monastery sentinel LHASAAPSO
Dry riverbed WADI
Enclosed by WITHIN
End Sleeping Beauty's sleep? KISSANDWAKEUP
Enero-to-diciembre period ANO
English dramatist George ETHEREGE
Entered the marathon, say RANARACE
From Bhutan or Brunei ASIAN
Further shortens, in a way RESAWS
Gadget intended for use on tough potatoes? HIGHPRESSUREMASHER
Gangster's gun GAT
Gossipmonger YENTA
Have ___ up one's sleeve ANACE
Health, to un docteur SANTE
Hilton hires MAIDS
Hit hard RAM
Home improvement ADDON
Hourglass flow SANDS
How ballerinas dance ONTOE
How unwelcome guests may be received ICILY
Illinois politician Henry and family HYDES
Inferior computer programming? WORSECODE
Inflated ego after a win? SWELLOFVICTORY
It covered Sputnik TASS
Kingston Trio hit MTA
Lake in Banff National Park LOUISE
Leading fast food chicken franchise? WINGDYNASTY
Light on one's feet SPRY
Like some buses ands accountants CHARTERED
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Lip cover GLOSS
London's ___ Gardens KEW
Many modern TVs HDS
Market research tool TASTETEST
Mexican fare EMPANADAS
Mexican fare TACOS
Month in Munich or Marseilles MAI
Monthly magazine whose first cover featured Jennifer Lopez LATINA
Nabokov novel PNIN
Name paired with Dixie in the supermarket business WINN
Nanki-___ ('The Mikado' role) POO
Nautical affirmatives AYEAYES
New player of 2001 IPOD
Not speaking to, maybe MADAT
Notion, to un philosophe IDEE
Org. for the Sharks and the Jets NHL
Overly TOO
Page of music PATTI
Party staple CHIPDIP
Paternity identifier DNA
Peer Gynt's mother ASE
Piglet's pal POOH
Planetarium view SKY
Plays poker? PRODS
Prohibition supporters DRYS
Put away ATE
Quitting time, for some FIVE
RAF award for gallantry DSO
Rage inducer, slangily ROID
Restaurateur Toots SHOR
Rooney of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' MARA
Salad bar array FIXINGS
Saudi neighbor YEMENI
Shampoo brand since 1930 BRECK
Sign of things to come OMEN
Singer Simpson ASHLEE
Site of Washington's first military victory TRENTON
Snoop Lion's previous moniker DOGG
Sounds of satisfaction AHS
Speaker's fodder ANECDOTES
Spray containers VASES
Strong urge ITCH
Stubborn sort ASS
The Olympians overthrew them TITANS
Those new to recycling? OLDWASTERS
Threat ender ORELSE
Ticker HEART
To be, in Barcelona SER
Tweet from singer Cyrus? MILEYPOST
Twinings wares TEAS
V8 alternative CLAMATO
Violent weather, informally TSTORM
What cat burglars do? GLOMINTHEDARK
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Wild bugler ELK
With legitimacy VALIDLY
Wizard with no tricks up his sleeve? HONESTMAGE
Words after whoop, ham or live ITUP
Work units ERGS
___ bene NOTA
___ in 'cat' CAS
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