How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 24 2001

'20/20' co-anchor CHUNG
'Balderdash!' PSHAW
'E F P T O Z ...' event EYEEXAM
'Goosebumps' author STINE
'Great job!' WELLDONE
'Let me give you ___' (words of advice) ATIP
'On the Beach' author SHUTE
'Picnic' playwright INGE
'The Wall' band PINKFLOYD
'Time is money,' e.g. ADAGE
1958's Corsair, e.g. EDSEL
Actress Feldshuh TOVAH
Alain of 'Purple Noon' DELON
Basilica projection APSE
Beats by a nose EDGES
Billy Joel's '___ to Extremes' IGO
Boss Tweed caricaturist NAST
Bottles-of-beer-on-the-wall count NINETYNINE
Bring down FELL
Bummer for Tiger BOGEY
Bumstead's boss DITHERS
Bureau attachment? CRAT
California's Big ___ SUR
Called for liniment ACHED
Campestral RURAL
Capital paper POST
Car radio button SCAN
Cartography clerk in WWII, perhaps WAC
CD follower ROM
Cenozoic and Mesozoic ERAS
Close to the goal WARM
Closet filler LINEN
Co-worker of Sam and Carla DIANE
Comfy room DEN
Command earnestly ADJURE
Containing violence, maybe RRATED
Corporate firers AXMEN
Cotton or nylon, to a Brit FIBRE
Country settings LEAS
Craving URGE
Croupier's tool RAKE
Cry companion HUE
Demonstrate Darwinism EVOLVE
Disagreeable BEASTLY
Draft classification ONEA
Duracell size AAA
Employed INUSE
Factory whistle, at noon TOOTER
Far from reticent VOCAL
Females in the fold EWES
Flight makeup STEPS
Funny fellow WAG
Future fungus SPORE
George Jones's '___ Mine' SHES
H look-alikes ETAS
Harry's Veep ALBEN
He may hit the wall MARATHONER
Herbert Hoover, for one IOWAN
Hollywood heartthrob IDOL
Hunt's 'Abou Ben ___' ADHEM
Inner, in combinations ENDO
Irritating HARSH
It may be stranded PEARL
J.P. Morgan's merger partner of 2000 CHASE
Jargon ending ESE
Jeffersonian belief DEISM
Joltless joe DECAF
Jury member PEER
Kid-___ (children's programming) VID
Kirov star of 1960 NUREYEV
Kitchen gadgets PARERS
Knucklehead SCHMO
Koch's predecessor BEAME
Lake in the East African Rift Valley NYASA
Like a bad throw ERRANT
Like a reorganized company SHAKENUP
Like oak leaves LOBED
Like some accents ACUTE
Like some dorms COED
Like the ocean depths INKY
London Fog ingredient ANISETTE
Long way to travel? LIMO
Lowly worker PEON
Made blue, perhaps DYED
Member of the Wallflowers JAKOBDYLAN
Mideast monarchy OMAN
Mom's order EAT
Mortimer the dummy SNERD
Much of the Great Wall of China was built during its rule CHINDYNASTY
Multihued Japanese porcelain IMARI
Music buy DISC
Olympics racer SCULL
On the disabled list HURT
P.O. items LTRS
Patisserie buy TORTE
Perfect HONE
Pharmacist's solutions AQUAE
Pie chart segment SLICE
Pique IRE
Poseidon's domain THESEA
Premium number RATE
Prior to, to Prior ERE
Ready for skinny-dipping BARE
Reagan told him 'Tear down this wall!' GORBACHEV
Red-___ (cinnamon candies) HOTS
Refuse TRASH
Refuse DENY
Response to 'Are too!' AMNOT
Rigging holder SPAR
Robin in Cooperstown YOUNT
Roll call call HERE
Russo of 'The Thomas Crown Affair' RENE
Salad green CRESS
Sandcastle setting SHORE
Satchel Paige's real name LEROY
Site of Hewitt Quad YALE
Slayer of the Python APOLLO
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Smart comments? OUCHES
Some bass STRIPERS
Sports venue with four walls SQUASHCOURT
Spray holder VASE
Spread salt on, maybe DEICE
Stockholder meeting gadfly's holding ONESHARE
Straight INALINE
Swimming NATANT
Take for 'The Sopranos' EMMYS
Take the stump ORATE
Tape rec. input MIC
Texaco trademark STAR
Thunder sound PEAL
Toothpaste-approving grp. ADA
Tree-hugger's prefix ECO
Velodrome racers BIKES
Villain's trademark SNEER
Visitor to a Washington wall, perhaps VIETNAMVET
Wall Street whiz ARB
Wayne Manor worker ALFRED
Where the action is ARENAS
White House worker AIDE
Wildcatter's disappointment DRYWELL
Wyo. neighbor NEB
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