How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 20 2016

'Battlestar Galactica' commander ADAMA
'Seriously!' NOJOKE
'The Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool' QTIP
'Tiny Bubbles' singer DONHO
'You're in my way!' MOVE
'___ fair in...' ALLS
Address used among Friends THEE
Anthem opening OSAY
Augurs BODES
Average of cinq and neuf SEPT
Banana Boat letters SPF
Basement with a cement floor? HARDCELLAR
Be on the same page AGREE
Berth place MARINA
Best of the fragrant trees? NUMBERONECEDAR
Big chronicle SAGA
Big D B-baller MAV
Bird-related AVIAN
Bitterness among the troops? MILITARYRANCOR
Bo's family OBAMAS
Book before Nehemiah EZRA
Brainy bunch MENSA
Brings up REARS
Broken up INTEARS
Cancun coverup SERAPE
Casting pro ANGLER
Change dramatically REDEFINE
Cheering loudly AROAR
Chiquita competitor DOLE
Choose not to fold or raise SEE
Class that may give you problems MATH
Colored ring IRIS
Command to Rover SIT
Component of 103-Across EGG
Contaminate, in a way INFECT
Cries from the bleachers RAHS
Cruiser letters USS
Cruiser's home NAVALBASE
Cue ball cover RUG
Denny's dish OMELET
Depressing, in odes DREAR
Districts AREAS
Diving maneuvers GAINERS
Dunderhead ASS
End of many addresses COM
Engine part CAM
Estimated time of delivery DUEDATE
Fill for a Holstein's stein? COWLIQUOR
Flu-monitoring gp CDC
Forgetful actor's request LINE
Fourth-yr. class SRS
Good, for gondoliers BUONO
Gradually diminish EBB
Grimly ominous bit of gossip? DARKRUMOR
Handler on TV CHELSEA
Harry's veep ALBEN
Hawaiian howdy ALOHA
Hoof sound CLOP
In a practical manner VIABLY
Is suspended HANGS
Island group in the Bahamas BIMINI
Jerry Lee Lewis song '___ Be Me' ITLL
Julius, in Gaius Julius Caesar, and others NOMINA
Kid in the funny papers? STRIPMINOR
King Midas's pet reptile? GOLDENGATOR
LAX posting ARR
Levi's Stadium pro NINER
Like Berg's music ATONAL
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Look over EYE
Make a long-distance call, perhaps DIALOUT
Make quake SCARE
Many a Univision viewer LATINO
Many purchased games APPS
Marker IOU
Meet heat RACE
Money or Fortune, for short MAG
Moonshine container JUG
Mufflers, e.g SCARVES
Mule's mother MARE
Needing no fasteners SLIPON
Nejd native SAUDI
Not virtual REAL
Notre Dame end zone? APSE
Now or before EVER
Ocean Spray tidbit CRAISIN
Octane, e.g ISOMER
Old business letter start SIRS
One of the Amati family of violin makers NICOLO
One of the Olympic equestrian sports DRESSAGE
Parachute material SILK
Pen name BIC
Pointless IDLE
Pol's concern IMAGE
Quote the raven CAW
Radius counterpart ULNA
Rappers' handfuls MICS
Red Sox catcher Sandy LEON
Reiterating words ISAID
Reverse, e.g GEAR
Rio slum FAVELA
Roadies' burdens AMPS
Rondeau writer POET
Rubio's hometown MIAMI
Salsa bit ONION
Screening org TSA
Seaman whose boat's in the repair shop? GARAGESAILOR
Selfie, e.g PIC
Share in a business STAKE
Shaving mishap NICK
Short flight HOP
Sics one's attorney on SUES
Sign at the end of a ramp MERGE
Singer Goulding ELLIE
Site of some strikes ALLEY
Source of the Niagara ERIE
Spots for stockers AISLES
Sprain soother ICE
Stressed type: Abbr ITAL
Substantial MEATY
Sure win LOCK
Tepees and townhouses ABODES
The fifth element BORON
The incomparable Caruso? PERFECTTENOR
There's a lot of interest in his work USURER
Torquemada's burial site AVILA
Trick winner, often ACE
Unpaired ODD
Utensil at an extraterrestrial barbershop? COSMICRAZOR
View from Sagarmatha National Park EVEREST
Volleyball spikes KILLSHOTS
War loser, usually TREY
Where or why, to Claudius QUO
Words with premium or discount ATA
Yellowstone grazer ELK
Zodiac beast RAM
___ rage (juicer's problem) ROID
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