How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 19 2016

'Hail, Caesar!' AVE
'I'm With Her' or 'Make America Great Again' SLOGAN
'The Joy Luck Club' author AMYTAN
'What a shame!' ALAS
A thousand kilos TONNE
Andre Agassi or Harry Reid NEVADAN
Arabian Peninsula native YEMENI
Art meant to shock DADA
Become available emotionally OPENUP
Big cousin of a butte MESA
Block brand LEGO
Brief movement TIC
Campus security? TENURE
Cherbourg chum AMI
Citation shortener ETAL
Conger catcher EELPOT
Country on two continents EGYPT
Court fig ATTY
Digital location URL
Dolphin supporter, often MIAMIAN
Drew Barrymore's grandaunt ETHEL
Election year org PAC
Enjoy DIG
Fancy container URN
Fellows MEN
Gathering with seminars like 'Oasis Etiquette'? CAMELCONVENTION
Gentle cycle garments KNITS
Good source for scores ESPN
Govt. agency with a flower logo EPA
Hartsfield-Jackson's airport code ATL
Having already had an owner USED
HHH, to Greeks ETAS
How much more you sold that marionette for than it cost to build? PUPPETPROFIT
Hubbub ADO
In the attic, maybe STORED
It became Spike TNN
It broadcasts in many foreign langs VOA
It tells you if your balance is off ATM
It'll keep you from getting cold feet RUG
Klinger, e.g CPL
Lacking color PALE
Last place in the standings CELLAR
Light on a table, say FLAMBE
Like Charlie, on TV's 'Charlie's Angels' UNSEEN
More like a Cirque du Soleil performer LITHER
Mythical boundary river STYX
Name in the 'Hail, Caesar!' credits COEN
Novelist who died in Milan in February ECO
On the schedule SLATED
On the side of PRO
One of the original Ramones DEEDEE
Org. featured in 'Patriot Games' IRA
Pool trick MASSE
Promotional literature in an ancient Roman showroom? CHARIOTPAMPHLET
Return address writer SENDER
Revolutionary arm MUSKET
Scottish tops TAMS
Serious criminal FELON
Short jackets ETONS
Sign of approval NOD
Solid-rock connection ASA
Song like 'Ode to My Swiss Army Knife'? GADGETBALLAD
Speed test RACE
Stan Getz's instrument TENORSAX
Teetotaler's counterpart SOT
Trattoria drinks VINOS
Treeless plain LLANO
Unscrambled, in a way OVEREASY
Video format MPEG
Way off the road RAMP
Without delay PRONTO
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