How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 15 2008

#2 on the AFI's '100 Years...100 Laughs' TOOTSIE
'Blood hath been shed ___': Macbeth ERENOW
'Dunno' GOTME
'Fasten tightly,' 'read rights while affixing' and the like? CLFFNOTES
'How ___ Your Mother' IMET
'I Will Survive' singer Gloria GAYNOR
'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,' e.g. PREQUEL
'It's ___!' (crook's cry) ATRAP
'On the Waterfront' director KAZAN
'Super cool!' NEATO
'The Theatre Cat' in 'Cats' GUS
'Wasn't me!' NOTI
'___ Death' (Fox sitcom) TIL
1977 bestseller set at Memorial Hospital COMA
A witch might use its eye NEWT
Addicted to Hawaiian music? LKECRAZY
Airport abbr. ARR
And more, for short ETC
Aromatic hydrocarbon derivative ARYL
Artery implant STENT
Ask desperately IMPLORE
Attach, as a button SEWON
Barack Obama's home ILLNOIS
Basement fixture BOILER
Big name in corporate iniquity ENRON
Bigfoot's cousin YETI
Biker's bike HOG
Bit of skin art, briefly TAT
Browbeats HECTORS
Bully's victim SISSY
Burnable bog product PEAT
Carpenter's staple WOOD
Cast alternative SPLNT
Chewy candy piece SKITTLE
Come together JELL
Command to a helmsman APORT
Company patronized by Wile E. Coyote ACME
Confused Spaniard's utterance QUE
Copier choice LEGAL
Copy editor's concern USAGE
Cougar's NCAA rival UTE
Crown setting TOOTH
Didn't stay and fight RAN
Dump lots of work on SWAMP
Elusive one EEL
Enters a lease with RENTSTO
Famed caller of 'Down goes Frazier!' COSELL
Farmers' market unit STAND
Fast writer's tool STENOPAD
Feudal subjects LIEGES
Fife player on TV KNOTTS
Fifth-century epitome of cruelty ATTILA
First word of a Christmas hymn ADESTE
Fletcher's product ARROW
Frist's predecessor LOTT
Grant's 'Houseboat' co-star LOREN
He wrote the theme for and appeared in 1962's 'The Longest Day' PAULANKA
Hero's place DEL
Holding one's breath, essentially APNEA
Hot-dog's challenge TOPTHIS
Incur REAP
Indian royalty RANI
Indian royalty RAJAHS
Information unit KILOBIT
Insult in an opera? SLNGSHOT
It might hold a Bible LECTERN
Item with a blade OAR
Item with a blade SKATE
Item worn over a papal alb ORALE
Janis's hubby in the comics ARLO
John's 'Blues Brothers' co-star DAN
Just like that INNOTIME
Leathery drinking vessel? ALLIGATORCLP
Life form ENTITY
Like 103-Down INERT
Like porcini mushrooms EDIBLE
Lot choice SEDAN
Lotus position? EGYPT
Many a time OFT
Mowgli's mentor BALOO
Nos. to measure against STDS
Not boorish POLTE
On the take DIRTY
Ones hoping for good marks CONARTISTS
PalmPilot tools STYL
Party people? POLS
Pinball wizard's nightmare TILT
Pinna's place OUTEREAR
Pitt's ex ANISTON
Place for muddy boots MAT
Prince Valiant's first son ARN
Puffins' kin AUKS
Put on ___ (fake it) ANACT
Result of being endorsed by a tire company? GOODYEARBLMP
Reverse rotation, in diving GAINER
Reynolds Wrap maker ALCOA
Russian treats BLNI
Safeguard KEEP
Schlemiel LOSER
See 68-Across TOGETHER
Seller's disclaimer ASIS
Sent to first base, in a way BEANED
Shopper's reference LST
Some Swiss watches OMEGAS
Song requested in a 1971 film MISTY
Speechless, maybe AGAPE
Spoiled, with 'on' DOTED
Spot SEE
Spreadsheet heading TOTAL
Stan Getz and Coleman Hawkins played them TENORSAXES
Start of a cheer HIP
Steed feed OATS
Strikes out XES
Surprisingly agile SPRY
Taking the maximum risk, as a poker player ALLN
The America's Cup is one EWER
Third-most common gas in the atmosphere ARGON
Ties in the East OBIS
Tony nominee O'Shea MILO
Tony winner O'Shea TESSIE
Toyota subcompact TERCEL
Unit for a lorry TONNE
Urbanites who play three-card monte? CITYSLCKERS
Vacillate HEM
Viscous GOOPY
Voice agreement with ECHO
Volga region native TATAR
Welcome sight for travelers OASIS
Wetland birds HERONS
What an elevator provides, half the time? LPSERVICE
What bed-wetters do at camp? GOONTHEBLNK
Where the divine may walk ONWATER
With 70-Across, how eight pairs of letters in this puzzle should be written TOOCLOSE
You can bank on it SAFEBET
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