How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 14 2015

'Deacon Blues' band STEELYDAN
'Do You Love Me?' from 'Fiddler on the Roof,' e.g DUET
'Frozen' prince HANS
'That's nasty!' ICK
'This should come ___ surprise...' ASNO
'You're ___ talk!' ONETO
'___ Stung' (Elvis Presley song) IGOT
12th-century king of the Scots DAVIDI
Acct. earnings INT
Admissions at a North Carolina school? DUKEPROCESS
Adventure novel of 1887 SHE
Ancient gathering place AGORA
Art director's creation in bygone days PASTEUP
As recently as ONLY
Audibly amazed AGASP
Back in the navy ASTERN
Balance sheet entry ASSET
Bar assn. members ATTS
Bars that are simultaneously seedy and elegant? SWANKDIVES
Be a chatterbox GAB
Be jubilant EXULT
Big galoot LUG
Big heart, say ACE
Big Ten sch OSU
Boarding area GATE
Boeing competitor AIRBUS
Brobdingnagian HUGE
Caper, e.g BUD
Champagne pop PERE
Cheerful UPBEAT
Chef's creation DISH
Colleague of Ruth and Antonin ELENA
Company founded by Ingvar Kamprad IKEA
Consecutively INAROW
Coordinate with KEYTO
Crime that makes MADD mad DWI
Cross-country train trip, e.g LONGRIDE
Crumbly cake topping STREUSEL
Cut abruptly AXE
Degreaser's purpose? GUNKCONTROL
Diaper bag supply WIPES
Disney acquisition of 2009 MARVEL
Does an entry-level job? GREETS
Drainage areas SUMPS
Drill insertion BIT
Drudge's doings TOIL
Durable buff fabric NANKIN
Early online newsgroup system USENET
Eerie ability, for short ESP
Eminem's 'Shake That' collaborator NATEDOGG
Encomiums PRAISE
Esoteric ARCANE
Feature of a nasty campaign, often ADWAR
Fee schedule RATES
First European to reach New Zealand TASMAN
Fort Ontario setting OSWEGO
Foul play? BOMB
Frank holder BUN
Gershon and Lollobrigida GINAS
Gift recipient's ingenuous question FORME
Grafton's '___ for Innocent' IIS
Guinea pig's lack TAIL
Gull's cousin TERN
Gum globs WADS
Haas of 'Witness' LUKAS
Healthcare giant in the S&P 500 AETNA
Heyerdahl's '___-Tiki' KON
Illuminati symbol EYE
Indy champ Tom SNEVA
Intense black JET
Jessica of 'Sin City' ALBA
Joel Coen's younger brother ETHAN
Joins the competition MERGES
Kid's spinner TOP
Knack that suits a person for a glazier's job? WINDOWSKILL
Kyrgyzstan mountain range ALAI
Lawn makeup SOD
Lends a hand AIDS
Like Henry Hudson, ultimately LOSTATSEA
Lincoln feature BEARD
Lorazepam's job SEDATION
Make sense ADDUP
Maker of Regenerist products OLAY
Mer makeup EAU
Meringue base EGGS
MLB player with three 60-homer seasons SOSA
Murderer of Sir Danvers Carew MRHYDE
Neckline shape VEE
North America's second-largest lake HURON
Not a spring chicken OLD
Occasions when flirting is a bad idea? NOWINKSITUATIONS
Offer addresses ORATE
Oven cleaner component LYE
Part of a lackadaisical stand-up routine? SLOPPYJOKE
Parts collections KITS
Pharaoh Akhenaten's capital AMARNA
Pickles in paintings? VISUALCUKES
Plane's twist YAW
Plumlike fruit SLOE
Portuguese word for 'snake' COBRA
Prepares for baking KNEADS
Quarterback plays SNEAKS
Races for Bode Miller SUPERGS
Real bread HARDCASH
Results of rain, at times DELAYS
Revoke, as a will ADEEM
Ruth, notably SLUGGER
Sandra's 'Speed' co-star KEANU
Sentry's shout HALT
Sheryl Crow's 'All ___ Do' IWANNA
Shore dinner morsel SCALLOP
Site for a bite CAFE
Some Tuscany natives PISANS
Soprano Fleming RENEE
Sozzled LIT
Spots for hustlers DISCOS
Stand for a presentation EASEL
Stat for a DH RBI
Stave off DETER
Sulky state SNIT
Suspect's story ALIBI
Take in FOOL
Takes to court SUES
Taking ten ONABREAK
Teaching Islam for alms? FAKIRTRADE
Thank-you that's truly wunderbar? GREATDANKE
They may be found under the covers PAGES
Tour de France transport BIKE
Triumphant cry YEAH
Umbrella shape, often OCTAGON
Umlaut half DOT
Unenviable job at the zoo's primate house? MONKEYLAUNDERING
Unsophisticated RUSTIC
Waffler's choice BOTH
When ___ Lad' ('H.M.S. Pinafore' song) IWASA
Winter quaffs COCOAS
Wordless authorization NOD
Worrywarts STEWERS
Writer Dahl ROALD
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