How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 12 2013

'Crooklyn' director LEE
'Kill ___ killed' (desperate mantra) ORBE
'South Pacific' heroine NELLIE
'That's the golden mark I seek ___': 'Henry VI, Part 2' TOHIT
'Try some!' TASTE
A fan of INTO
Achilles was dipped in it as a baby STYX
Anatomy class aids SKELETONS
Army vacation LEAVE
Astigmatic view BLUR
Away from the prow AFT
B'way smash letters SRO
Bar legally ESTOP
Bed makeup SOIL
Before, to bards ERE
Beginning for boy or girl ATTA
Ben-Hur's friend-turned-enemy MESSALA
Bond holdings? ATOMS
Bounty stop of 1788 TAHITI
Bow feature KNOT
Butter unit STICK
Caravan stop OASIS
Chiding sound TSK
Chocolate treat KISS
Come together UNITE
Competes VIES
Concord AMITY
Cost of staying in ANTE
Dairy farm grazers HOLSTEINS
Disease first spotted in the U.S. in 2003 MADCOW
Dissertation writer's prize PHD
Dog confiscated by Miss Gulch TOTO
Dream-sleep acronym REM
Escort's offering ARM
Fabulous author AESOP
Fast Eddie's forte POOL
Fixed the pilot RELIT
Football play RUSH
Forgot to mention OMITTED
Garr and Hatcher TERIS
Hanging on every word RAPT
Home of MLB's oldest ballpark in active use BOSTON
Homer's neighbor NED
Identity element LOGO
Ignores the limit SPEEDS
Isn't on the level SLANTS
Israel's Eban ABBA
It's often an email address USERID
Its Manhattan is nicknamed 'The Little Apple' KANSAS
Joel Coen's brother ETHAN
John Howard Griffin book 'Black ___' LIKEME
Map detail INSET
Moral code ETHIC
More or less OFASORT
Network that airs Yankees games YES
Noted lab assistant IGOR
Old salt TAR
Peter Luger offering STEAK
Pitchfork-shaped letter PSI
Pony up in advance PREPAY
Propensity BENT
Put away ATE
Puts in the fridge COOLS
River to the Seine OISE
Sorvino of 'Mighty Aphrodite' MIRA
Spotted SEEN
Stephen King's second novel SALEMSLOT
Subway standee's steadier STRAP
Tin Man's desire HEART
Try to win WOO
Unruly do MOP
Weather map line FRONT
Where in this grid you'll find a dozen bands EDGES
Word in the center of a bingo card FREE
Words with premium or loss ATA
Zabar's buy LOX
Zodiac animal RAM
___ Khan AGA
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