How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 06 2018

'Been there, done that' feeling ennui
'Cuchi-cuchi' entertainer charo
'Good heavens!' isay
'Put 'er there!' letsshakeonit
'Put 'er there!' iagreehandsdown
'Put 'er there!' youvegotadeal
'Rob Roy' writer scott
'Sands of Iwo ___' jima
'Science Guy' Bill nye
'This Is Us' actor Ventimiglia milo
'Yeah, right!' asif
A comb may undo one tangle
After-hours store sign closed
Atlanta-based public health inst cdc
Attack, wasp-style sting
Aussie hopper roo
Ballpark instrument organ
Beach ball fill air
Beige ecru
Bonkers loco
Brief swim dip
Cash register drawer till
Competed in a marathon ran
Crushing defeat rout
Curriculum ___ vitae
Dancer Pavlova anna
Darjeeling, for one tea
Dazed and confused state dopiness
Devious plot scheme
Drawn-out cry from a soccer announcer goal
Eagle's claw talon
Fighting words threat
Fill completely sate
Fireplace waste ashes
Follow as a result ensue
For a rectangle, it's length times width area
Fruit with a pit peach
Genesis garden eden
Give an audience to hear
Go around the rink skate
Greeted the day arose
Gun lobbying org nra
Hauntingly strange eerie
Hosp. sections ors
Hot, in a way sexy
In addition also
In the know hip
Instrument played with a plectrum zither
Into pieces apart
Invite on a date askout
Iron alloy steel
Jockey's tool crop
Lobbying org pac
Long, involved tale saga
Lyricist Gershwin ira
Maker of Pilots and Accords honda
Mom, pop and school org pta
More than drizzle pour
Nessie inhabits one loch
NFL replay aid slomo
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer dim
Notion idea
Outrageously unconventional gonzo
Plot measure acre
Printed words text
Puccini creation opera
Shrink fearfully cower
Spot for a napkin lap
Spot for a ring or stud ear
Spring mo apr
Tapestry setting wall
Teeth holder jaw
Traffic jam sound honk
Trembling with excitement aflutter
Trucker's rig semi
Wedding vow word honor
Word before 'naked' or 'raving mad' stark
Work on dough knead
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