How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 05 2005

'Alice' diner MELS
'Awesome, dude!' RAD
'Blood Simple' director COEN
'Flashdance' director Lyne ADRIAN
'Get started!' GOTOIT
'Isn't ___ pity?' ITA
'Pookie,' e.g. PETNAME
'Sweet as apple cider' girl IDA
'The Garden of Love' painter RUBENS
'Une Matinée' painter COROT
1950 film noir classic DOA
A little lower? HEIFER
About INRE
Absorbed the cost of ATE
Abu Dhabi resident ARAB
Adj. modifier ADV
Aegean party island IOS
Alternatives to plasma TVs LCDS
Amex alternative OTC
Another cal. column heading FRI
Art class? GENRE
Artist's workplace ATELIER
Atty.-to-be exams LSATS
Avalanche setting DENVER
Back-hand compliments? PATS
Become sharply attentive SNAPTO
Begley and Bradley EDS
Big building EDIFICE
Big name in diamonds DEBEERS
Big name in lawn care SCOTTS
Bill word DUE
Blackjack option STAND
Bledel of 'Gilmore Girls' ALEXIS
Bond on the run ELOPE
Boston University player TERRIER
Bottom-line no. AMT
Bridge reply AYE
Cal. column heading TUES
Campus mil. group ROTC
Cap wearer TOOTH
Cell respiration participant OXIDASE
Checkout nuisance LINE
Closest point in an orbit PERIGEE
Conclusion lead-in ERGO
Contradict REBUT
Convent address SISTER
Creeping herb SEDUM
Crest competitor AIM
Cruising ASEA
Cry at 'la fiesta brava' OLE
Dash dial TACH
Direct objects, usually NOUNS
Disorder organizers ANARCHS
Drs.' org. since 1847 AMA
Everglades denizen EGRET
Fight finisher TKO
Fills in for ACTSAS
Flaky fish COD
Fledgling scribe CUB
Foe of Spider-Man ELECTRO
Force feed? DONUTS
Fugitive's feat GETAWAY
Genealogy chart word NEE
Getting across, in a way FORDING
Give a darn? SEW
Go downhill, in a way SLED
Hardly posh SEEDY
Hatrack setting FOYER
Head for Vegas? LAS
Health food store sweet CAROB
Heartbreak GRIEF
Heyerdahl's '___ Expeditions' THERA
How are good inmates rewarded, Mr. Forster? AROOMWITHAVIEW
Idle hope DREAM
Indian bread ROTI
Indicator of indignation SNORT
It may have twin blades AXE
It's a long story NOVEL
Italy's busiest port GENOA
January event THAW
Kick back REST
Kind of overload SENSORY
Landscaper's shrubs YEWS
Largish chamber groups OCTETS
Leb. neighbor SYR
Lover's gift ROSE
Maker of tracks in the snow SNOCAT
Many times OFT
Matter of course? MEAT
Medium SEER
Meyer of 'Starship Troopers' DINA
Music's Eurythmics, e.g. DUO
Name on some Hershey candies REESE
Narnia's Aslan, for one LION
Nevertheless, briefly THO
Not kosher TREF
One from the hearth ASH
Ore amount TON
Org. for women drivers LPGA
Past portion ERA
Peachy ACES
Pithecanthropine attitude ERECT
Place for losers SPA
Planning problem SNAG
Play a mean sax WAIL
Poet banished by Augustus OVID
Porker pens STIES
Quick refresher CATNAP
Really overreacted HADACOW
Restraint TETHER
Rob Roy's 'no' NAE
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Scout shirt feature EPAULET
Secret Service agent's wear SHADES
Silents star Normand MABEL
Some ESPN highlights TDS
Sorrowful secretion TEAR
Stage direction EXIT
Start of a tryster's message MEETME
Sunday paper section TRAVEL
Take up space EXIST
Tenement hangout STOOP
They're numbered in NYC STS
Trainer's instruction EXHALE
TV critic Tom SHALES
Two-time Oscar nominee as Henry II OTOOLE
Unification Church member, informally MOONIE
Urban, for example POPE
What made that intersection so dangerous, Mr. Kipling? THELIGHTTHATFAILED
What were Venus de Milo's last words, Mr. Hemingway? AFAREWELLTOARMS
When did you start selling stocks, Mr. Marquand? POINTOFNORETURN
When were sails invented, Mr. Dana? TWOYEARSBEFORETHEMAST
Which player made three errors today, Mr. Salinger? THECATCHERINTHERYE
Who is Willie Mays to his fans, Mr. Golding? LORDOFTHEFLIES
Will matter ESTATE
Witty Bombeck ERMA
Wordsworth works ODES
Yank out of bed ROUST
___ Kan (Alpo rival) KAL
___ Maria (coffee liqueur) TIA
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