How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 04 2018

'Don't bother' noneed
'Duck Soup' marquee name marx
'La Traviata' courtesan violetta
'Prince Igor' composer borodin
'Rats!' darn
'The Piano' extra maori
'Well, ___-di-dah!' lah
1987 declaration from the King of Pop imbad
Alarm setting bedside
Antarctic explorer James ross
Arg. neighbor uru
Bank job heist
Barbershop request trim
Beaten soundly thrashed
Between shores asea
Big-screen brand imax
Blanchett of 'Ocean's 8' cate
Blessing elicitor achoo
Blunder misstep
Canton south of Lake Lucerne uri
Capital whose name means 'place of the gods' lhasa
Charmingly old-fashioned retro
Chilean desert atacama
Christmas in Roma natale
Club soda flavoring lime
Colleague of Thomas and Roberts alito
Collude with abet
Comforting agents balms
Crayola color peach
Dance music's Peniston cece
Deception puton
Decree fiat
Defendant accused
Diplomats' accomplishments pacts
Dismissive snort bah
Disney dwarf on a raft? floatingdoc
Divinity sch. study rel
Dodge a Tampa Bay tackler? passthebuc
Electrical system grid
Emporium event sale
Equally alike
Evening hr ninepm
Exchange places pits
Extend, as a contract renew
Fashionable leather jackets and studded bracelets? bikerchic
Fender photo? guitarpic
First-class prime
Fiscal pd qtr
Flu fighters sera
Fly in the ointment snag
Food offer trythese
For two dual
Formal orders dicta
G-Shock watch maker casio
Gilbert of 'Roseanne' sara
Glenn Corbett's 'Route 66' role linc
GM's push-button service onstar
Gnatcatcher's cousin wren
Gp. that investigated the Hollywood 10 huac
Hacking victim of the 2016 campaign podesta
Hagrid's hound at Hogwarts fang
Head D.C. lobbyist? leaderofthepac
Horse holder rein
In scoring position, perhaps onsecond
It'll light up a room bulb
Lacquer layer coat
Lemon-juicing tools reamers
Like a gymnast lithe
Lobby in a meat market? butcherbloc
Louisiana, to Louis etat
Low men bassi
Low-to-high swings uppercuts
Man in a monkey suit scopes
Matt McGorry's 'How to Get Away with Murder' role asher
Messes disarrays
Minutemen's home, familiarly umass
More precious dearer
Most monstrous vilest
Mythical fledgling? littleroc
Nearby around
Nursery noisemaker rattle
Old treatment for a nervous disorder restcure
Oolong, in Brit slang cha
Opera highlight aria
Padres baseman Hosmer eric
Pajama-clad mag founder hef
Pal mac
Performed at the Met sung
Photographer Goldin nan
Place overhead, perhaps stow
Plans for golden agers iras
Play caller's pouch? quarterbacksac
Pres. Mandela's land rsa
Princess of Power of cartoons shera
Pullman place berth
Raccoon relative coati
Reliever's stat era
Reluctantly sanctioning condoning
Remained valid stood
Response to misidentifying an alligator? thatsacroc
Rook scam
Sally's portrayer in 'Cabaret' liza
Salon supplies gels
Sault ___ Marie ste
See date
Service unit teacup
Show stopper? finale
Show time, in ads tonite
Simoleon smacker
Sistine ceiling figure adam
Some MPAA ratings pgs
Sports car option ttop
Start of a fitness motto useit
Steady look gaze
Stock classification nopar
Stormed rushedat
Strong will? shall
Submits handsin
Subs for actsas
Sudden eruption outburst
Sulky state snit
They have class teachers
They may be glossed over lips
To a disgusting degree adnauseam
To the point terse
Tryst invitation meetme
TV type lcd
U.S. Army medal dsc
Virus with A, B and C strains hepatitis
Volcano product ash
Volcano product lava
Wash lave
Way up, say stairs
West of Nashville dottie
What are you looking at? this
Where you might discover a great white winebar
Yearbook sect srs
___ Bora (Afghan cave complex) tora
___ Capital (firm co-founded by Mitt Romney) bain
___-Z (classic Camaro) iroc
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