How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 29 2005

'A Place in the Sun' star CLIFT
'Betrayal' star IRONS
'I kid you not!' TRULY
'Ma Mère l'Oye' composer RAVEL
'Man of La Mancha' song DULCINEA
'Misery' star CAAN
'Smallville' family KENTS
'___ said a mouthful!' YOUVE
'___ the case!' IMON
39-line poems SESTINAS
Addition column ONES
Aerial maneuver SPIN
Alarm bell TOCSIN
Alley machine PINSETTER
Alliance dissolved in 1977 SEATO
Anatomical canal ITER
Artful SLY
Arthur Ashe's alma mater UCLA
Atty.'s org. ABA
Banker Kahn OTTO
Barely getting, with 'out' EKING
Botches FLUBS
Box with a view LOGE
Cap setting KNEE
Carrying current LIVE
Cat-tails connector ONINE
Classic Jaguar XKE
Clout BASH
Comes down RAINS
Component of a cloud, perhaps GNAT
Computer whiz GEEK
Con man? ANTI
Corporate grade ECHELON
County of Ireland SLIGO
Creator of Professor Higgins SHAW
Cries of delight OOHS
Crushed TROD
Did a gondolier's job POLED
EMT expertise CPR
Executive perk PERSONALLIMO
Executive perk CORNEROFFICE
Executive perk PRIVATEPLANE
Executive perk STOCKOPTIONS
Executive perk COUNTRYCLUB
Executive perks SKYBOXSEATS
Fine mists AEROSOLS
First name in stunts EVEL
First-rate ACES
Five Norwegian kings OLAFS
Forum greeting AVE
Free of flaws PERFECT
Full house letters SRO
Grab ___ (eat) ABITE
Group character ETHOS
Hair goo GELEE
Has been WAS
Holds the floor ORATES
Hole maker SPADE
Home in a 1936 novel TARA
Hubbard of Scientology fame LRON
In deep trouble UPACREEK
In ___ (as placed) SITU
Indian bread ROTI
Island group administered by Portugal AZORES
It gives you the big picture IMAX
It makes waves SINE
Juin, juillet et août ETE
Kaiser's cry ACH
Kitschy quality BADTASTE
Lace color ECRU
Last word in the Kansas motto ASPERA
Mag with popular quizzes COSMO
Many millennia EON
Market aid CART
Matthau's 'Grumpier Old Men' love interest LOREN
Mattress parts SPRINGS
MBA candidate's study ECON
Miscalculates ERRS
Musical gift EAR
Mutual fund charges LOADS
Name associated with 84-Across OHARA
Not fit for mixed company CRUDE
Not quite right IRREGULAR
One for the books? PAGE
Originate ARISE
Others, to Ovid ALII
Paperless reading EBOOKS
Park swimmer SWAN
Pave the way for EASE
Pen pals? OINKERS
Penny holder LOAFER
Pitt or Penn ACTOR
Prenatal test, for short AMNIO
Pres. title CINC
Primitive homes HUTS
Private reply NOSIR
Quaking, perhaps SCARED
Reef dwellers EELS
Reply with sass TALKBACK
Right upstairs SANE
River rising in the Ardennes OISE
Rob Roy, for one SCOT
Saloon stock RYES
SeaWorld performers ORCAS
Seller of Chance and Allure CHANEL
Set out EMBARK
Shark offering LOAN
Shoe brand since 1916 KEDS
Short flight HOP
Short-term notes TBILLS
Signs of trouble OMENS
Simpleton BOOB
Singer Janis IAN
Sitar rendition RAGA
Skinny fellow BEANPOLE
Some Dodges NEONS
St. Paul-to-Omaha heading SSE
Stand-up's offering BIT
Still, in poetry EEN
Sullen DOUR
Take home EARN
Tony winner Caldwell ZOE
Took a stroll AMBLED
Towel word HERS
Town of southeastern Kentucky EOLIA
Undercover operation STING
Unspoiled spots EDENS
Vaudeville offerings SKITS
Vein opener STENT
Verdi aria ERITU
Verne traveler FOGG
Viewpoint SLANT
Welsh emblem LEEK
Winter songs NOELS
Woody's co-star in many films DIANE
Words from Wordsworth ODE
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