How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 23 2019

'Are too!' retort amnot
'Girls Trip' star reginahall
'___, Brute?' ettu
Abel's assailant cain
Airport board fig etd
Aleppo's nat syr
Amassed ranup
Any of three for Meryl oscar
Arm bones ulnas
Backed on Kickstarter, say funded
Banks extend them loans
Begged pled
Bias skew
Blender brand oster
Bourbon and Beale, for two: Abbr sts
Cable alternative dsl
Chinese menu assurance nomsg
Choices for new parents names
Chopping tool axe
Come to a close end
Confident volunteer's assertion ican
Crunch's title capn
Danny's 'Do the Right Thing' role sal
Discard scrap
Drs. who might diagnose dizziness ents
Drug cop narco
Equip rig
Experimental theater venue offoffbroadway
Expert on IRS forms cpa
Far from ornate drab
Fill sufficiently sate
Fond letter closing xoxo
Futon's place floor
Future flower bud
Gain consciousness waken
Game with pantomiming charades
General on Chinese menus tso
Gown material tulle
Hair option weave
Have a novel experience? read
High branch in a family tree greatgreataunt
Homophone of 'use' yews
Hosp. areas ers
Leslie Jones's show, for short snl
Like a schnauzer's hair wiry
Like some odds and vowels long
Liszt's daughter who married Wagner cosima
Maximal size extraextralarge
Microwave sound ding
Moth's attraction flame
Natural hairstyle afro
Neither win nor lose draw
Nonchalant blase
One-in-a-million rare
Pond scum organism alga
Prepared Easter eggs, perhaps dyed
Releases from jail setsfree
Rot gobad
Serious sorrow grief
Sicilian volcano etna
Smart dude alec
Stout who created Nero Wolfe rex
Sweetheart bae
Terrible dreadful
Thing item
Third function of the night afterafterparty
Three or four, say afew
Tidy quality neatness
Title for Mexico's Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presidente
Turn aside avert
Walk in the water wade
What a dog offers when you say 'shake!' paw
Words before car or cop renta
Workers in a sales dept agts
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