How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 18 2019

Absorbed, as a loss ate
Agile predator puma
Argentine article una
Available for service onea
Been on a cot lain
Bind firmly cinch
Bit of scotch after being canned? firingnip
Bone, in Bologna osso
Brewskis suds
Brings down saddens
Can stir
Catch in a con ensnare
Colon in an analogy isto
Company's creative div randd
Conforms (to) hews
Debt-to-equity, for one ratio
Discussion about washing with like colors? laundrygab
Diviner's focus omen
Doublets dyads
Duke of Medina Sidonia's 1588 command armada
Effect of age and gravity on various body parts? naturalsag
Fallon's predecessor leno
Financial firm worker advisor
Follower of Charlie delta
Friday's introduction imacop
Good times ups
Grandson of Eve enos
Hardly teetotalers lushes
Harry Belafonte hit dayo
Hefty competitor glad
Homeowner's hangover? eave
How chess pieces are sold asaset
Industry bigwig czar
Inflames fuels
Kept for future reference onfile
Kin of pre- ante
Lack of inspiration? apnea
Lairs for bears dens
Last number finale
Like some elephants asian
Maker of Aspire laptops acer
Meir's successor rabin
Obligation onus
Ocean Spray snack craisins
Oktoberfest souvenir stein
On ___ with (as good as) apar
One might have a cover spy
One thing on top of another pile
Paella base rice
Paper beater scissors
Piquancy zing
Refrain from singing? lala
Ride for a bride limo
Salary booster raise
Sax part reed
Sax sort alto
Scholars' collars etons
Secure overhead stow
Siesta on a very sunny beach without sunscreen? fryingnap
Some need to be massaged egos
Sound heard by a coachman clop
Speaks highly of lauds
Spirit of spicy cuisine? chiligod
Spots loci
Stanley Cup hoisters in 1994 rangers
The Kahiltna Glacier is on its slope denali
Tick off rile
Towers in a port tugs
Two cents input
Under the surface inner
Very dear steep
Viewed seen
Way awesome epic
What helium balloons inevitably do goflat
What it takes to swear like a sailor? grossyap
Word on a bill unum
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