How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 15 2017

'Case of the Ex' singer MYA
'Dragonwyck'' writer Seton ANYA
'Hold it right there!' STOP
'How sweet ___!' ITIS
'SNL' alum Cheri OTERI
'Toward Freedom' autobiographer NEHRU
'Your point being...?' AND
'___ Smile Be Your Umbrella' LETA
1957 Paul Anka hit DIANA
A river runs through it DELTA
Advertising award CLIO
Arm, e.g LIMB
Avalon and Sienna TOYOTAS
Bear in mind HEED
Benefit AVAIL
Bill's restaurant and cocktail lounge? MAHERSBAR
Book reviewer, briefly CPA
Brewer's buy MALT
Brian of ambient music ENO
Bring to bear EXERT
Calls for NEEDS
Ceviche ingredient LIME
Chaotic places ZOOS
Christina of 'Monster' RICCI
Churchill gesture VSIGN
City in 1965 headlines SELMA
City northwest of Arles NIMES
Conservative senator of antiquity CATO
Cooler compartment CELL
Cries of comprehension OHS
Cut a cord, say SAWED
Dangerous bacteria ECOLI
Disquiet UNEASE
Djibouti neighbor ETHIOPIA
Doesn't guzzle NURSES
Economical, as prose LEAN
Egg-shaped OVOID
Embarrassing outbursts SCENES
Fail to attend MISS
Fanatic ZEALOT
Feature of a May-December romance AGEGAP
Feeling poorly ILL
Feels poorly AILS
Filled with passion AFIRE
First appearance DEBUT
Floor cover MAT
Floor cover RUG
Free of germs ASEPTIC
Gambling spot near Lake Tahoe RENO
Gillette brand ATRA
Goddess of grains CERES
Goes downhill SLEDS
Gradually weaken ERODE
Great American Ball Park team REDS
Gumshoes TECS
Handles SEESTO
Hume of 'Cocoon' CRONYN
In ___ (really stuck) AFIX
Inclined LIABLE
Indisputable TRUE
Ireland, poetically ERIN
It may have chocolate points SIAMESE
Jackie's second husband ARI
John or Paul, but not George or Ringo POPE
Johnny's ice cream parlor? DOUBLEDEPP
Juice box attachment STRAW
Julianne's all-you-can-eat buffet? PLENTYMOORE
Knock over ROB
Like a freshly made cappuccino FROTHY
Like some negligees LACY
Many a bunt, in brief SAC
Mass communication? LATIN
Mawashi wearer's sport SUMO
Mughal Gardens city DELHI
Naomi's down-home eatery? WATTSCOOKIN
Nissan compact SENTRA
Noted remover of locks DELILAH
Novelist Calvino ITALO
Onetime JFK landers SSTS
Overly enthusiastic RAHRAH
Oxford openings EYELETS
Paris visitor? HELEN
Parisian pals AMIS
People person? EDITOR
Pious poem PSALM
Place for peas INAPOD
Pointy projectile DART
Pot holder CABINET
Privileged classes GENTRY
Privy to INON
Pro foe ANTI
Put forward POSIT
Quebec neighbor MAINE
Question following an insensitive joke TOOSOON
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Regular patron HABITUE
Reinhard's refusal NEIN
Reject DENY
Remote batteries, often AAS
River past Arles RHONE
Robust HALE
Rural parents MAS
Russell's rooftop restaurant? CROWESNEST
Ryder rival UHAUL
Scarlett's home TARA
Sean's fast-food franchise? THEFRYINGPENN
Self-serving activity EGOTRIP
Service closer AMEN
Sidestep EVADE
Skater Midori ITO
Small truck maker TONKA
Soccer stadium chant OLEOLE
Sony co-founder Morita AKIO
Spa worker, at times PAMPERER
Spain's third-largest city VALENCIA
Spiritual guide GURU
Stories YARNS
Story TALE
Stud, e.g EARRING
Suspicion INKLING
Take in, say ALTER
Take testimony from HEAR
Thurber's daydreamer MITTY
Tidy up NEATEN
To boot ALSO
Toughskins seller SEARS
Toy store stock DOLLS
Try for a part READ
Turbine part VANE
Tyne's bakery? DALYBREAD
Uncultivated expanse HEATH
Unenviable spot HOTSEAT
Vacation destination RESORT
Was bold DARED
Went downhill SKIED
What the despairing have NOHOPE
Wheat belt machinery COMBINES
Williams of 'Happy Days' ANSON
Wrapped up ENDED
___-80 (old Radio Shack computer) TRS
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