How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 13 2019

'Ah, me!' alas
'Silas Marner' orphan eppie
'The King ___' andi
1936 Greta Garbo movie camille
Acquired relative inlaw
Alternating current proponent tesla
Angel dust initials pcp
Appearances miens
Area south of Astor Place noho
Arrived breathlessly racedin
Be off base err
Belgrade native serb
Best Supporting Actor winner for 'No Country for Old Men' bardem
Box office option loge
Broccoli ___ (leafy vegetable) rabe
Cancel negate
Catch bag
Caterpillar competitor deere
Cave painting depiction stag
Coach for whom the NCAA Division III Football Championship is named stagg
Colleen lass
Commits perjury lies
Committing a sin? crossinggod
Compound in detonators tetryl
Compressor attachments airhoses
Containers with taps urns
Covet want
Crystal-lined stone geode
Cynical genre noir
Dangerous toy bbgun
Deadbeat's cars, eventually repos
Debate position pro
Deep-six toss
Den lair
Despicable lowlife cur
Despicable lowlife cad
Dig gibe
Direction in Dijon est
Do some cutting, maybe edit
Doesn't disturb letsbe
Donald's portrayer in 'SNL' skits alec
Egyptian plague insect locust
Elton's 'Through the Storm' duettist aretha
Escort into the hall of the slain valkyrie
Exile site of 1814 elba
Feast holder in a 1987 Danish film babette
Flea market unit stall
Flounder kin sole
Fly off the handle erupt
Follow the bears sell
Frat party kegger
Frazier foe ali
Gambling inits otb
Gas or elec., e.g util
Good name for a seafood shop? houseofcods
Grim one reaper
H.S. biology topic rna
Hefty read tome
Hippolyta's people amazons
Hurtled tore
Inebriated visitors? pottedcompany
Inferior bunch lessers
Intent goal
Interstellar clouds nebulas
Jeff Bridges role in a Coen brothers movie thedude
Jocks' antitheses nerds
Joshua Tree Natl. Pk. setting calif
Kachina doll carver hopi
Katherine of 'Suits' heigl
Kernel gist
Langston Hughes poem itoo
Leftover noodles from a Japanese restaurant? coldsoba
Legend in his own mind egotist
Lennon's love ono
Like an atrium sunlit
Like some nasty weather sleety
Like some unhealthy attachments oedipal
Luke or Leia, e.g rebel
Lyft rival uber
Made fun of Clinton? mockedbill
Mario Vargas ___ (2010 Literature Nobelist) llosa
Marriott rival hyatt
Massenet opera thais
Mistaken idea fallacy
Monumental year? anno
NASA objective in the 1950s? passrussia
Noted shipping tycoon onassis
On deck topside
Out alibi
Pacific island kingdom tonga
Place for a seance? mediumlodge
Playground retort amnot
Pleased glad
Plugs ads
Pointer's pronoun that
Practical useful
Proceeds with minimal effort coasts
Producers of swaths scythes
Prolonged spats feuds
Put the kibosh on end
Range name amana
Relaxation ease
Relinquish cede
River of Memphis nile
Riviera season ete
Saint who founded the Order of Poor Ladies clare
Sarajevo setting bosnia
Scarred Batman villain twoface
Schindler with a list oskar
School on the Thames eton
Screenplay structure plot
Secretary of State under Reagan shultz
Signaled goodbye waved
Significant deposits lodes
Sites of rods and cones retinae
Skilled worker artisan
Sloppy digs sty
Space invaders, briefly ets
Split lam
Stops discussing drops
Sweltering, in Sheffield? bleedinghot
Symbol of industry ant
Takes by surprise ambushes
Tartan cap tam
Teen spots? acne
Tendency leaning
Territory adjacent to Afghanistan on a Risk board ural
Tormented ateat
Touch up old furniture restain
Tram loads ores
Trio of myth fates
Trunk torso
USS Arizona Memorial site oahu
Viking Ship Museum site oslo
Villain played by Joseph Wiseman drno
Vocal coach? pitchdoc
Wee salamander eft
Where to get tostones tapasbar
Wrench eponym allen
WWII agency oss
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