How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 13 2007

'...never see ___ lovely as...' APOEM
'Golden Boy' playwright ODETS
'I don't want to know the details' SPAREME
'South Park' kid STAN
'The Simpsons' bus driver OTTO
'The Swiss Family Robinson' writer WYSS
'Two Years Before the Mast' writer DANA
'___ deal!' ITSA
1974 Gould/Sutherland comedy SPYS
1983 U.S. invasion location GRENADA
Abbr. paired with zero OPER
Amass, as debt RUNUP
Article written by Marx DAS
Attach a patch SEW
Autographing need PEN
Autumnal equinox mo. SEP
Bad news for a job-seeking ski instructor? NOWINTRYSITUATION
Be more efficient, in a way SAVETIME
Bee followers CEES
Blows away AWES
Brand named from the Latin for 'bright' BRILLO
Brewpub need YEAST
Briefly INSUM
Brit's exclamation ISAY
Cabernet quality NOSE
California's ___ Beach REDONDO
Cambridge figures DONS
Can opener? BAIL
Cash on hand? POT
Causes to blunder TRIPSUP
Cheese choice BLEU
Civic rival SENTRA
Co. that makes many a 123-Across NCR
Cobbler's collection AWLS
Communicate with REACH
Complete UTTER
Computer command RESTART
Convertible SOFTTOP
Court feats ACES
Dash dial TACH
Decides one will ELECTSTO
Difficult problem NUT
Disney acquisition of 1996 ABC
Dispenser of dollars ATM
Divisions of play? ACTS
Does a Salon job DYES
Doughnut made of plastic? FAUXPASTRY
Dried, in a way TOWELED
East German secret police STASI
Eleventh day of Christmas gift PIPERS
Exec, slangily SUIT
Executed DID
Experienced for real, as a fantasy LIVEDOUT
Factor in the makeup business MAX
Fencing move LUNGE
First name in French fashion YVES
French beans? TETES
Go for COST
Greedy moves GRABS
Guitarist Segovia ANDRES
Hardly cool GEEKY
Hasty escape LAM
Hosts at roasts EMCEES
Hustle SCAM
Indicator SYMPTOM
Insignificant little kangaroo? PALTRYJOEY
Intimation HINT
It might be a blue chip ANTE
It'll take you down SLED
Jack's 'Chinatown' co-star FAYE
Justice Dept. division DEA
Largest of the Canary Islands TENERIFE
Letter before upsilon TAU
Like 60% of people ASIAN
Like some splits EVEN
Listening to every word RAPT
Location of bridges in a Michener title TOKORI
Magical character RUNE
Middle X or O, perhaps TAC
Mild cigar CLARO
Network feature NODE
Ohio community named for a Connecticut town NEWLYME
Old Portuguese coin CRUSADO
One just left of center? GUARD
Online authentication system OPENID
Owner of the Buddy List trademark AOL
Paper for a letter LEASE
Path for a spacecraft's return? ENTRYROUTE
Pres. for over 12 years FDR
Pulitzer-winning musical RENT
Reader's Digest co-founder Acheson LILA
Remove, as a recipe from a magazine CLIPOUT
Requirement for photographing food supplies? AFLASHINTHEPANTRY
Richards of Texas ANN
Richly detailed work from a documentarian? VIDEOTAPESTRY
Rio fill AGUA
Secluded chambers HAREM
Seventh-largest state NEVADA
Shimmering stone OPAL
Sign of contentment PURR
Silo's cousin GRANARY
Singer James ETTA
Sister magazine of Maxim STUFF
Sister of Augustus OCTAVIA
Sister of Masha and Irina OLGA
Site of big deposits DELTA
Ski binding part TOEPIECE
Soda fountain order SHAKE
Some hands in the Singing Cowboys Poker Open? AUTRYPAIRS
Some party dates EVES
Sound from a spotter of vermin EEK
Sound investments? STEREOS
Sounds of derision SNORTS
Speaks affectionately COOS
Speedy cats CHEETAHS
Staunch TRUSTY
Straighten out UNTANGLE
Take stock? RUSTLE
Tax filer's worry: Abbr. AUD
Tax-time VIP CPA
Temporary settlement CAMP
The London of 'Brave New World,' e.g. DYSTOPIA
The Ruhr in Germany's steel district, say? INDUSTRYRIVER
The Who's 'Love, Reign ___ Me' OER
They hook up IVs RNS
Third vice president BURR
Trading day extreme HIGH
Tray table filler, often LAPTOP
Troubles EATSAT
Truck stop offering GAS
Tusked beast WALRUS
Two-time loser to DDE AES
Whipped cream serving DOLLOP
Witch HAG
Wizard's unveiler TOTO
Writer Connell EVAN
Yesteryear PAST
Zest provider SAUCE
___ alai JAI
___ hand (assist) LENDA
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