How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 10 2009

'300' villain XERXES
'All ___ of You' ('The Phantom of the Opera' song) IASK
'Ask ___ questions...' MENO
'Devil Inside' band INXS
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker YENTE
'Is this your idea of ___?' AJOKE
'Spain in My Heart' poet NERUDA
'The Sound of Music' girl LIESL
'___ Kick Out of You' IGETA
*'Like, totally gross, I'm so sure!' GRODYTOTHEMAX
*'The Phil Silvers Show' setting FORTBAXTER
*Big letdown ANTICLIMAX
*Loire Valley estates, e.g. FRENCHCHATEAUX
*Paper pusher's cry EXTRAEXTRA
*Quite powerful ASSTRONGASANOX
*Restaurant meal, at times TRAVELEXPENSE
*Stubborn pair in a Dr. Seuss story THEZAX
0.00001 newton DYNE
1982 film with an evil Master Control Program TRON
201, in old Rome CCI
About 30% of Africa SAHARA
All that remained in Pandora's box HOPE
Answer sharply SNAP
Arboreal abode NEST
At the drop of ___ AHAT
ATM button ENTER
Attacked RANAT
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Bank-to-bank transactions: Abbr. TFRS
Barber's call NEXT
Berlin boulevard STRASSE
Bond holders, perhaps SAFES
Bone, in Bologna OSSO
Boo-boo, to a tot OWIE
Breeze AIR
Bridge reply AYE
By land ___ ORSEA
Bygone panties STEPINS
Call, for one OPTION
Capital of Belarus MINSK
Character actor J. Carrol ___ NAISH
Comes to rest ALIGHTS
Compact LITTLE
Course features HOLES
Cry to Macduff LAYON
Culpable ATFAULT
Cyrano's love ROXANE
Dance studio fixture BARRE
Detective, at times FINDER
Detroit on Broadway NATHAN
Dodger base CORN
Dressed for business INASUIT
Empty information NOISE
Enzyme ending ASE
Equaled WERE
Even the score once more RETIE
Evenings, in ads NITES
Exemplar of grace SWAN
Fancy LUXE
Fed. accident investigator NTSB
Feet in a pound PAWS
Fermented drink made from rye bread KVASS
Fife player KNOTTS
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
First razor with a pivoting head ATRA
Follower ACOLYTE
Foxes may carry it RABIES
Free from anxiety ATEASE
Freight weight TON
French Sudan, today MALI
George of 'CSI' EADS
Get away from ___ ITALL
Get off track? DERAIL
Go sky-high SOAR
Grand Canyon formation MESA
H.S. health class SEXED
Hebrew name for God ADONAI
His first mate is Lucky Eddie HAGAR
In addition ELSE
In ___ (stuck) ARUT
Inuit word for 'house' IGLU
It may be by the seat of your pants PATCH
Just what the doctor ordered PILL
Lame answer to 'Where's your homework?' ILOSTIT
Lanai loops LEIS
Lawless character XENA
Legendary high flier ICARUS
Manager Mack CONNIE
Many an Iranian SHIITE
Metal combustion residue CALX
Miyazaki's medium ANIME
MLB league NATL
Morphine. e.g. OPIATE
Most self-satisfied SMUGGEST
Nameless woman HER
NBA Hall of Famer Dan ISSEL
News agcy. founded in 1925 TASS
Not dissonant TONAL
One-stripers, for short PFCS
Orange-flavored liqueur CURACAO
Orangutan doctor in 'Planet of the Apes' ZAIUS
Ornamental shrubs SMILAXES
Papuan port in which Amelia Earhart was last seen LAE
Platte River people OTOS
Pony Express's Missouri terminus, familiarly STJOE
Power cord gizmos ADAPTORS
Pre-calc course TRIG
Provoke STIRUP
Relative of 'voilà!' TADA
Roger of 'Nicholas Nickleby' REES
Salad bar tidbits BACOS
See 35-Down ONE
Sigur ___ (Icelandic post-rock band) ROS
Socializes for business purposes NETWORKS
Something to hit at night THESACK
Spun fiber FLAX
Started one's day GOTUP
Stood for MEANT
Stradivari's teacher AMATI
Swiss calculus pioneer EULER
Tavern owner on 'The Simpsons' MOE
They attract negative ions ANODES
Took a position HIREDON
Utah's name, once DESERET
Vega of the 'Spy Kids' movies ALEXA
Verve ELAN
Waf-fulls brand EGGO
What a phony puts on ANACT
What gets broken in the answers to the eight starred clues THEWORDTAX
Whodunit hound ASTA
Wimbledon ref's call ITSIN
With 98-Across, evenly matched ONETO
Writer Canetti ELIAS
Zen riddles KOANS
Zest, essentially PEEL
___ good example SETA
___ la Plata RIODE
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