How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 05 2017

'Do the ___' (soft drink slogan) DEW
'Grease' character who sings 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' RIZZO
'La Bamba' singer VALENS
'Outta my way!' MOVEITORLOSEIT
2013 biopic starring Naomi Watts DIANA
A very long time AGES
ABC Family series about teen gymnasts MAKEITORBREAKIT
All competition TIDE
Ankle bones TARSI
Avignon article UNE
Bathroom at a pub LOO
Bee-based APIAN
Bleachers level TIER
Bunker or stream HAZARD
Cattail setting MARSH
Cecilia Bartoli, for one MEZZO
Chemistry subject ATOM
Chow ___ MEIN
Class where you'd use the SOHCAHTOA mnemonic TRIG
Clears RIDS
Crumbling car HEAP
Dump feature STENCH
Edit menu option UNDO
Emmy winner Alan ALDA
Expected DUE
Exterminator's target RODENT
Extremely OHSO
Final offer words TAKEITORLEAVEIT
Game involving on-screen drawing? VIDEOPOKER
Great Leap Forward leader MAO
High-tech obstacles in caper films LASERS
Holiday celebrated by Kramer and Frank Costanza FESTIVUS
Incredibly divisive LOVEITORHATEIT
It spans eleven time zones ASIA
Jessica of 'Sin City' ALBA
Join a jury SIT
Kyoto quaff SAKE
Letter after theta IOTA
Letter before theta ETA
Majors in broadcasting? LEE
Manipulated one PAWN
Metropolitan URBAN
Morphine source OPIUM
Naptime nuisance NOISE
Not in a private area? AWOL
One of eight in V8 BEET
Pie crust ingredient LARD
Pirate's purview OPENSEAS
Practical intelligence SENSE
Put away STOW
Resident assistant's residence DORM
Resistance figures OHMS
Sad trumpet sound WAWA
Science class setting LAB
Scorch SEAR
Sign in Anytown, USA MAINST
Somewhat, informally SORTA
Somewhat, suffixally ISH
Tapered tuck DART
Team with a basketball-bearing-a-B logo NETS
Team with a flaming basketball logo HEAT
There are seven in una semana DIAS
They'll have you walking tall STILTS
Time for giving up? LENT
To boot ATTHAT
Tony of 'Taxi' DANZA
Total jerk TOOL
Tour worker ROADIE
Trap at a lodge, say ICEIN
Trattoria topping ROMANO
Waxer's target, at times BIKINILINE
Winner of four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics OWENS
Worry STEW
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