How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 04 2014

'Can do!' NOPROB
'It distresses me to tell you...' IFEAR
'Well, shucks!' AWGEE
'What's Going On' singer GAYE
'___ in Her Ear' (Feydeau farce) AFLEA
1961 Bobby Vee hit RUNTOHIM
A lot of pizzazz? ZEES
Aaron Copland ballet RODEO
Abrasive sound RASP
Admit defeat SAYUNCLE
Alternative to 'Bottoms up!' SKOAL
Alternative to 'Sincerely yours' ASEVER
Answering machine button ERASE
Aron's girl in 'East of Eden' ABRA
Artist Albers JOSEF
Asian assassin NINJA
Attorney general before Thornburgh MEESE
Beverage cart setting AISLE
Biology lab gelatin AGAR
Bronze ingredient TIN
Card dealer's box SHOE
Cash on the table TIP
Choice of iPad MINI
City of southern Iraq BASRA
Cold mold ASPIC
Controversial apple spray ALAR
Cook's collection POTS
Counter offer? SODA
Counting rhyme start EENIE
Courtroom promise IDO
Cream, e.g TRIO
Creative start IDEA
Desk tray contents CLIPS
Devotee LOVER
Dilettante's delights ARTS
Diminutive, in Dogpatch LIL
Director Kazan ELIA
Do a restaurant job BUS
Does the wrong thing ERRS
Dress (up) TOG
Economic bloc CARTEL
Ex-Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Experiment TEST
Extreme, in facetious combinations UBER
First conspirator to stab Caesar CASCA
First-rate TOPS
Flemish painter Jan van ___ EYCK
Form for a CPA SCHED
Good judgment SENSE
Hardly vibrant DRAB
Headline for a fashion feature on Brad's Oscar-night finery? PITTSGLITZFITS
Headline for a favorable review of 'The Black Cat'? POESPROSEGLOWS
Headline for a fluff piece about the success of Ione's boyfriends? SKYESGUYSRISE
Headline for a rave about Tina's dramatic works? FEYSPLAYSBLAZE
Headline for a story on comic Josh's failed IndyCar sponsorships? BLUESCREWSLOSE
Headline for a story praising golfer Michelle's line of casual shirts? WIESTEESPLEASE
Headline for an article criticizing banjoist Bela's distracting glasses? FLECKSSPECSVEX
Headline material NEWS
Hindu honorific SRI
Hip-hopper's footwear KICKS
In that order: Abbr RESP
Introverted SHY
It covers all the bases TARP
Italian wine city ASTI
Its lines may be read PALM
Just picked FRESH
Key letters ALT
Kitten comment MEW
Krypton orbited one REDSUN
Last number FINALE
Last of Henry VIII's Catherines PARR
Left on a cruise? PORT
Lenovo output PCS
Life partner? LIMB
Like an overcast sky SLATY
Like highlighter colors NEON
Like some alleyways UNLIT
Like some threats VEILED
Little Italy neighbor SOHO
Loser to Rafael at the 2013 U.S. Open NOVAK
Lyre-strumming Muse ERATO
Many a Belieber TWEEN
Masculine force YANG
Meaningless EMPTY
Metal-cutting tool SNIPS
Middle-earth menaces ORCS
Muscle-bone connector SINEW
Mylanta rival MAALOX
Nonstick cookware brand TFAL
Novelist Stephenson NEAL
Official stamp SEAL
Olympic racers LUGES
One in a black suit SPADE
Only five-time Horse of the Year KELSO
Opera star Simon ESTES
Painters' protectors SMOCKS
Paris-based financial giant AXA
Partying big-time ONATOOT
Plant SOW
Platte River people OTO
Polish sausage KIELBASA
Popular talk show, familiarly ELLEN
Rafter's place CANYON
Rocky projection CRAG
Roth plan IRA
Royals manager Ned YOST
RR stops STNS
Sea swallow TERN
Sends back, in a way REELECTS
Shock's partner AWE
Show conclusively PROVE
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Small recipe amount ADASH
Smart-mouthed SASSY
Some Missouri natives OSAGES
Spa sponge LOOFA
Spiced beverage CHAI
St. Petersburg's river NEVA
Stouthearted BRAVE
Stumblebum KLUTZ
Stylishly old-fashioned RETRO
Suffix with dream or moon SCAPE
Summoned spirit GENIE
They get what's coming to them HEIRS
Trade fair EXPO
Tuxedo parts LAPELS
Two-master KETCH
Two-tone treats OREOS
Untamed FERAL
Used to be WAS
Vb. type IRR
Vince's singing partner on 'The Heart Won't Lie' REBA
Visibly furious AGLARE
Vista ruiners EYESORES
___-majeste LESE
___-TASS (Russian press agency) ITAR
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