How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 03 2015

'Cheerio!' TATA
'Ignore that editing change' STET
'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' libertine ALEC
'That's good news!' IMGLAD
'The Tailor of Panama' author LECARRE
'Who wants ice cream?' reply MEMEME
'Why don't we!' LETS
1969 hit for Steppenwolf ROCKME
1993 NBA Rookie of the Year ONEAL
2004 Democratic convention keynoter OBAMA
A little blue RACY
Acts author LUKE
Artists Moncada and Magritte RENES
Assimilation process OSMOSIS
Available ONTAP
Bear overhead? URSA
Before today AGO
Best effort ALL
Big battery type DCELL
Bit of brandy TOT
Blessing preceder ACHOO
Boiling blood IRE
Boom, e.g SPAR
Braying beasts ASSES
Business card abbr EXT
Carrier to Ben Gurion Airport ELAL
Carries a balance OWES
Checked REINED
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Chronic critic NAG
Citrus kick TANG
City west of Tulsa ENID
Clownfish with a damaged fin NEMO
Code for the world's busiest airport ATL
Commuter town northeast of Manhattan PELHAM
Como, per esempio LAGO
Comparable item ANALOG
Compete in a regatta SAIL
Competent ABLE
Conical quarters TEPEE
Construction piece BEAM
Construction piece IBAR
Cooks in a healthy way STEAMS
Cornfield cacophony CAWS
Curtain mover DRAFT
Cuts down HEWS
Dark day in the Senate IDES
Delivered BORN
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Feature of the members of Group 1 PINS
Feature of the members of Group 2 NEEDLES
Feline hybrid TIGLON
Fisherman's tool SCALER
Flavoring extracts ESSENCES
For fear that LEST
Founder of Prevention magazine RODALE
Francis Bacon collection ESSAYS
Frank's third wife MIA
From the U.S AMER
Full house letters SRO
Golfer Stewart PAYNE
Grandson of 26-Across ENOS
Hardly absorbed BORED
Harsh quality EDGE
Heat source? MIAMI
Heavens holder ATLAS
Ingenuous utterance GEE
It might be held by a folder PAIR
Itty-bitty WEE
Jam ingredient AUTO
Jam ingredient PECTIN
Laughs at, say GETS
Layout measure PICA
Like a dog being trained ONALEAD
Like many a Hall of Famer's number RETIRED
Like some communities GATED
Magazine contents ARMS
Make public AIR
Member of Group 1 HANDGRENADES
Member of Group 1 VOODOODOLLS
Member of Group 1 WRESTLINGMEET
Member of Group 1 BOWLINGALLEY
Member of Group 2 PONDEROSAPINE
Member of Group 2 PHONOGRAPHS
Member of Group 2 HEALTHCLINIC
Member of Group 2 TATTOOPARLOR
Messenger of the faith APOSTLE
Model routes CATWALKS
NFL scores TDS
Not yet proven in a court of law ALLEGED
Number of times 'the brinded cat hath mewed' THRICE
Order follower NUN
Org. based at Ft. Meade NSA
Outmoded sources of numbers ROLODEXES
Patron saint of chastity AGNES
Pitches to the noggin BEANERS
Place for the pampered SPA
Planetarium vista SKY
Plug part PRONG
Pre-1991 map abbr SSR
Prefix with thermal or metric ISO
Present on 'The Bachelor' ROSE
Protein-rich paste MISO
Publicist's piece RELEASE
Radio comedy star of the 1930s and 1940s FREDALLEN
Radius neighbor ULNA
Rank ROW
Record label? MOST
Reputation tarnisher BLOT
Richard of the Rambo movies CRENNA
Ring setting NOSE
Ring setting EAR
Ring setting LOBE
Ron Howard's actor father RANCE
Safe and sound UNHURT
Sara Roosevelt's maiden name DELANO
Satellite's trace ELLIPSE
Settled down COOLEDIT
She 'took of the fruit thereof, and did eat' EVE
Shepard in space ALAN
Short-term employee TEMP
Simple counters ABACI
Some power producers DAMS
Start of many ode titles TOA
Surrounded by AMID
Those near and dear LOVEDONES
Three-time Gold Glove winner Carlos BELTRAN
Transitional figure APEMAN
Typical bicycle ONESEATER
Uno + dos TRES
Unswerving TRUE
Verb in an O'Neill title COMETH
Very long sentence LIFE
Water down THIN
Way to order shots? ALBUM
Well-behaved RULY
Well-behaved OBEDIENT
Widespread GENERAL
Woman in Progressive TV ads FLO
World Trade Organization's home site GENEVA
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