How many letters in the Answer?

The Guardian - Cryptic crossword Sep 07 2011

After essentially easeful death, poor beggar's finally buried and returned to the ground EARTHED
Amateur race which is dangerous, being over the limit in Escort ATTEND
Bloke has to leave vegetables MANGETOUT
Constant review of university in recent study PERPETUAL
Count brass (mine regularly goes missing) BASIE
Country bumpkins died for the king, making horrible noises YODELS
Dames popular with sailors? BROADS
Devotee starts to find Lady Gaga unbearably boring DEADLY
Diminutive, fat and married to Homer MARGE
Doctor only ignoring adult's rather trapped wind NORTHERLY
Does once make orthographical mistake DOTH
Eejit in America taken in by weel-faur'd wee bletherskate DWEEB
English actress's assets for part of the political system THIRDESTATE
Extremely dangerous and revolting, the trematode devours other's innards ARMEDTOTHETEETH
I have ruled as tsar, haven't I? IVANTHETERRIBLE
In the manner of 1, 9 — perhaps in a strange way ODDLY
It's nasty, brutish, short CRUD
Management employing waitress with PhD STEWARDSHIP
Moved like the wind around end of haunted outhouse WOODSHED
Obsessive finds love on the web a source of pain ONETRACK
One is getting skinny without essential nutrient THIAMIN
Pretend group performed in theatre? SPINALTAP
Provide new material for extremely familiar Private Eye gag REEQUIP
Sadly concur more than half of drugs can be found in abundance CORNUCOPIA
They love football team's jockstraps? SUPPORTERS
Ulysses remake represented modern-day exiles ASYLUM
Without these I'm it LIMITS
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