How many letters in the Answer?

The Guardian - Cryptic crossword Mar 31 2010

A little pretence and no mistake ONEPERCENT
Arm wrapped in wire could be scaled CLIMBABLE
Buff will pick up Spooner's cost to employer WAGEBILL
Choppers cut TEETHED
Dairy product, in a nutshell, from which to swat fly BRIE
Derek's loud local description of Trig's from the Oracle? DELPHIC
Energy shown by report of Tellytubby writer in battle scene ELALAMEIN
Fence whiter today than yesterday PALING
Green measure of what sounds like a see-saw? IRISHJIG
Group that dares to win hospital frame SASH
I'll achieve excitement — should such an eventuality arise IFEVER
Insure sign? UNDERWRITE
Magic formula for tax shift? SPELLOF
Mission of 'Virgin Soldiers' or 10 21, with famous 16? TOBOLDLY
Nuts enter into custody RETENTION
Paid for pasture FEED
Porter, maybe, one carrying wife's disease BERIBERI
See 10 PRISE
See 22 Across DUTY
So spell the end of lead-free gas ETHENE
Spaced-out agent of operations? SPLITINFINITIVE
Supply items not on the starter menu? MAINS
The first of Enigmat­ist's loathsome solvers give him this? EVILEYE
Undertaking to take possession by force ENTER
VIP's heaving SWELL
Write notes for limited costume design augmen­ted by special ties SETTOMUSIC
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