How many letters in the Answer?

The Guardian - Cryptic crossword Aug 03 2012

Agreeing with a reporter CORRESPONDENT
Amanda's identity revealed in a digression ASIDE
Bunking off, sailor and nurse get to church ABSENCE
Charming English social worker holds stage ELEGANT
Cheeky girl gives clergyman a kiss MINX
Criticise résumé RUNDOWN
Crop pest damaged chances PROSPECT
Dane gets decoration for carriage HANSOM
Direct attention to umpire's hesitation REFER
Discharge soldier's duty REMISSION
Fictional dog owner's bizarre method for keeping cooked rhubarb MOTHERHUBBARD
Fought for, earned and spent DUELED
General has a cigarette in the greenery LEAFAGE
Greek ambassador cuddles girl HELLENE
He daren't upset supporter ADHERENT
Old king left refuse OFFAL
Patron has ship's officer storing tea PURCHASER
Provoke into collecting rare kind of footrest STIRRUP
Purity Connie falsely showed once having appeared topless INNOCENCE
Room for mean scowl PARLOUR
Settled abroad before being beaten OUTDONE
Spies entrap working-class associations CONSORTIA
Stir up trouble? I must after hours! STIMULATE
Swimmer is miserable having caught cold SCAD
The dungeon's loo is messy? Keep quiet about it! HOLDONESTONGUE
Unreliable broadcast by egghead and journalist SCATTERBRAINED
Uproar about one's bill NOISE
Yearns to be in the river? Most cool! TRENDIEST
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