How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin Crosswords Oct 30 2012

"ER" actress Maura TIERNEY
"Foxtrot" pet Quincy, for instance IGUANA
"Hey there, cowboy!" HOWDY
"Isn't that somethin'?" GEE
"It's a Wonderful Life" director CAPRA
"Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's ___..." AGAS
"Morning Joe" cohost Brzezinski MIKA
"Rio" singer Simon LEBON
"The Conning Tower" writer and Algonquin Round Table member, for short FPA
"The Jungle Book" boy MOWGLI
"Yeah, whatever..." LIKEICARE
1990s dance hit with that recurring line "Bada bwi ba ba bada bo" SCATMAN
Animation collectible CEL
Arafat's gp., once PLO
Archie Bunker's wife EDITH
Aries animal RAM
Average klutz PALOOKA
Avoided serious injury ISOK
Bed, in Spanish CAMA
Big do AFRO
Big plan SCHEME
Breakfast burrito ingredient EGG
Built to ___ SPEC
By means of VIA
Cleanse LAVE
Crossword great ___ Reagle MERL
Dance popularized by Madonna in the 1990s VOGUE
Dancer Ailey, in his upstate New York home (as screamed on "Chipmunk Day Afternoon")? ATTICAALVIN
Decals for car windows CLINGS
Decrease? IRON
Dir. opposite SSE NNW
Dix and Ticonderoga, e.g FTS
Firing after-effect RECOIL
Former Swedish automaker SAAB
Frosty the Snowman's eyes COAL
Genghis's 100%-wooden cousin (as screamed in "Lumberjack Trek II")? TIMBERKHAN
Geometry calculation AREA
Give more control to EMPOWER
Goblet part STEM
Goes out of sight HIDES
Heart chambers ATRIA
How some things are overstated GROSSLY
Lead ore samples GALENAS
Leb. neighbor SYR
Like Donald Trump's lips, half the time PURSY
Like scratchy throats TICKLY
List-ending abbr ETAL
Lower than low ABYSMAL
Macbeth, for one THANE
Make a dent in MAR
Make some changes TWEAK
Napoleonic marshal NEY
Notable wearer of new clothes EMPEROR
Number of Belgian beers you plan on drinking (as screamed in "A Futbol Named Desire")? STELLAGOAL
Orchestra section STRINGS
Peace signs VEES
President/playwright Havel VACLAV
Red-headed drummer on "The Muppets" ANIMAL
Relaxation REPOSE
Road danger POTHOLE
Rueful word ALAS
Scooby-Doo's ride VAN
Squirrel's stash ACORNS
Suffix with Manhattan ITE
The Raelians, for one CULT
Time leading up to doing whatever you want (as screamed on "Golf Course Braveheart")? FOREFREEDOM
Tricked everyone FAKEDIT
TV's Huxtable and Kojak, for two THEOS
Unitard material LYCRA
War horse STEED
Winter Olympics course SLALOM
___ del Fuego TIERRA
___ It Cool News AINT
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