How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin Crosswords Nov 11 2014

"His Master's Voice" label RCA
"Just let me finish" IHAVEAPOINT
"La la la can't hear you," for short TMI
"Mouse!" EEK
"Star-crossed" lover ROMEO
"Well, look at you!" OOH
"Who's a good boy?" response ARF
1980s Hostess product CHOCOBLISS
1998 Bryan Adams album ONADAYLIKETODAY
2022's Super Bowl (if they keep using Roman numerals) LVI
A degree of success? PHD
Actress Michalka ALY
Apple variety created in Minnesota HONEYCRISP
Baby seal PUP
Bottom of a parking garage LOWERLEVEL
Brazil's Mato ___ GROSSO
Called in honor of, as a relative NAMEDAFTER
Competitions like those in "8 Mile" MCBATTLES
Cop's request before "I'm going in" COVERME
Count follower ESS
Cousteau's sea MER
Dance in a pit MOSH
Desert after an Italian meal TORTONI
Dinner ingredient? ENS
Ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James IHA
Famed Fords TBIRDS
Former "Tonight Show" announcer Hall EDD
Freddy formerly of D.C. United ADU
Freshmen-to-be, perhaps: abbr SRS
Get the bad guy NAB
He pitched the only World Series perfect game DONLARSEN
Home to Hercules's lion NEMEA
Is stealthy like a snake HIDESINTHEGRASS
It's sometimes added to table salt POTASSIUMIODATE
Korean sensation PSY
Laurelin's partner in Tolkien's Two Trees of Valinor TELPERION
Like scuffed CDs USED
Lobster ___ Diavolo FRA
Mercredi preceder MARDI
Mideast grp PLO
Missile-warning gp NORAD
Nightmare visions TERRORS
OB/___ GYN
Oktoberfest locale BAVARIA
One side of a bilingual store sign OPENABIERTO
One who'll leave a mark SCARRER
Pit stop stuff GAS
Punctured tire sound SSS
Quatrain rhyme scheme ABAA
Round body ORB
Secure locales SAFEHOUSES
Ship passing in the night? UFO
Singer Janis IAN
Singer/songwriter Jones NORAH
Slowly, on sheet music LENTAMENTE
Song that starts "Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go" IWANNABESEDATED
Spare parts? RIBS
Stand-up comedians' supporters MICSTANDS
Talking-animal tale FABLE
Thwarting type AVERTER
Upsilon's follower PHI
WWII general ___ Arnold HAP
You, to Christoph Waltz SIE
___ Majesty HER
___ Paese (semisoft cheese) BEL
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