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Jonesin Crosswords Jul 24 2012

"By the look ___..." OFIT
"E! News" co-host Sadler CATT
"Hooked on Classics" record label KTEL
"On Golden Pond" bird LOON
"Oracular Spectacular" band MGMT
"SNL" alum Jay MOHR
"Ten Summoner's Tales" singer STING
"The Outcasts of Poker Flat" writer Bret HARTE
"Witchcraft" singer SINATRA
"___ du lieber!" ACH
59-across's ex SEAL
Accommodate, with "up" PUT
Actor Cheadle DON
Actor Oka of "Heroes" MASI
Aim rival CREST
Apps for nothing FREEGAMES
Arms requirement AMMO
Asthmatic's item INHALER
Best Picture winner of the 1980s AMADEUS
Chant from the cult horror classic "Freaks" ONEOFUS
Chop into fine pieces HASH
Chris of the "American Pie" series KLEIN
Coup d'___ ETAT
Crazy situation in "The King's Speech"? STUTTERCHAOS
Dinghy mover OAR
Direct deposit abbr EFT
Drive around southern California? RODEO
Endodontist's degree: abbr DMD
Favorite word of nitpicky grammarians ITS
Fifth qtrs OTS
Guy's counterpart GAL
Half a ball game? ALAI
Heidi of "Project Runway" KLUM
Himalayan giant YETI
Hundreds of rap videos? BENJAMINS
Inventor Whitney ELI
It ain't nothing ALL
It's held going downhill SKIPOLE
James Cameron hit ALIENS
Kate's sitcom partner, in the 1980s ALLIE
Leader of the course "Denial 101"? NOPETEACHER
Leave out OMIT
Like some art exhibits ONLOAN
Like xenon, as gases go INERT
Malfunctions, like a printer JAMSUP
Mitt Romney's entourage quintet SONS
Moore of "G.I. Jane" DEMI
Neutral shade TAN
Notable time periods ERAS
Off-roader ATV
Old theater name RIALTO
On guard ALERT
One who obeys The Force JEDI
Oodles ALOT
Org. with a "100 Years..." series AFI
Piano teacher on "Family Guy" LOIS
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Poli ___ (college field of study) SCI
Razor line introduced by Gillette ATRA
Really inelegant CLUNKY
Slender SVELTE
Sofia Coppola's aunt ___ Shire TALIA
Some Italian cars, for short ALFAS
Steal a parachute pants-wearing rapper's plane? HIJACKHAMMER
Takes control of OWNS
They produce mushroom clouds ATESTS
Ticket seating stat ROW
Tiny battery size AAA
TV dramas, generally SERIALS
Type of type ITALIC
Ultimate UTMOST
Wile E. Coyote's supplier ACME
Write down "Vast Asian country with a population of over a billion"? DEFINECHINA
___ corpus HABEAS
___ Productions ("Skyfall" company) EON
___ Rida ("Low" performer with T-Pain) FLO
___-Flush (former bathroom cleaner brand) SANI
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