How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Sep 12 2010

'Did it start already?' AMILATE
'Good' cholesterol HDL
'Heavens!' EGAD
'I wanna' LEMME
'Mar' makeup AGUA
'Sheepdog' leg of the Tour? BORDEAUXCALAIS
'That's right __ alley' UPMY
'To repeat...' AGAIN
Actor Chris and dad Bob ELLIOTTS
Actor/comedian Jay MOHR
Allotments QUOTAS
Apple desktops IMACS
Be grandiloquent ORATE
Behind bars CAGED
Biopic of 2001 ALI
Blender brand OSTER
Borgnine and Tubb ERNESTS
Briefing follow-up QANDA
Bring to mind EVOKE
Brussels-based org. NATO
By the side of ALONG
Came to rest ALIT
Campfire treat SMORE
Capital of Idaho BOISE
Carbs served on ceramic? PIEALIMOGES
Charlie Chaplin's wife OONA
Cheers in Brittany? BRESTREGARDS
Classic sneakers KEDS
Competition MATCH
Condo custodians SUPERS
Cooked like some beans REFRIED
Corn, to Brits MAIZE
Cycling songs? ROUNDS
Deep voice BASSO
Delta hub's code ATL
Designer Pucci EMILIO
Digitally record TIVO
Dogpatch teen ABNER
Driving force MOTIVE
Drop anchor MOOR
Early textbook SPELLER
Earring inset PEARL
Ejection for not cutting the mustard? DIJONLETTER
Epic involving Paris ILIAD
Erelong ANON
Facility EASE
Falls icily SLEETS
Far from bold MOUSY
Fighter for Troy AENEAS
Fly, to a spider PREY
Flying one-striper AIRMAN
Fortas and Burrows ABES
Gel for sunburn ALOE
Give off EMIT
Golfer's getaway RESORT
Gossip columnist Barrett RONA
Granular, as soil SANDY
Happens next ENSUES
Hindu prince RAJAH
Hit show signs SROS
Hole in the head SINUS
Home to Euclid OHIO
Horse doc's delivery FOAL
Hwys. RTES
Iditarod finish NOME
Improve, in writing EMEND
Inexact field ART
Interrogate QUIZ
Italian rooster GALLO
James of R&B RICK
Joan of rock JETT
Least, as an inkling FAINTEST
Lex Luthor henchman OTIS
Little in Lille PEU
Loren of 'Two Women' SOPHIA
Lost luster FADED
Loy who played Nora MYRNA
Made like a mob RIOTED
Many microbrews ALES
Maria Tallchief's tribe OSAGE
Mate of Hook SMEE
Mention CITE
Mindy's TV pal MORK
Mitchell with a guitar JONI
Move fast, as a cloud SCUD
Negligible TINY
Ode or sonnet POEM
Old Russian dynasts TSARS
Palace near the Tour's finish ELYSEE
Paperless missive EMAIL
Party hearty REVEL
Peach State city MACON
Pepper dispenser MILL
Phonogenic Enrico CARUSO
Piece-loving lobby? NRA
Pivots SLUES
Poorly ILL
Pope defied by Luther LEOX
Potter's cooker KILN
Praises LAUDS
Prepare for print REDACT
Prim and proper STAID
Provencal repairs? CUREARLES
Pursuit in Normandy? CAENQUEST
Realm of Herod JUDEA
River through Kashmir INDUS
Robert in Clinton's Cabinet REICH
Rugrat TYKE
Scofflaw on the road SPEEDER
Shown a seat? MOONED
Siesta swinger HAMMOCK
Single circuit ONELAP
Site of a big upset? MIRACLEMETZ
Site of false starts? PSEUDONIMES
Six-legged socialist? ANT
Smart sort? ALECK
Snake with venom ADDER
So far ASYET
Spiritual mentor SAGE
Start on the Riviera? CANNESOPENER
Suddenly spook STARTLE
Telemarketer, often ROBOT
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Tex-Mex staple FAJITA
Throw in ADD
Too trusting NAIVE
Town to race through? NOTIMETOULOUSE
Treat as a star LIONIZE
Turner of filmdom LANA
Ullmann or Tyler LIV
Vast dominion EMPIRE
Warty amphibian TOAD
Widely assailed BESET
Willie who wore #24 MAYS
Wiring safeguard FUSE
Yawn inducer ENNUI
Zellweger of 'Chicago' RENEE
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